What does Ofc mean?

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What does Ofc mean?

In this fact faced life, no one has the time to write long sentences on text to convey a message. Also, with the character limit of 140 on most social networking portals, there’s only so much you can write.

This is where acronyms and abbreviations, such as IDK, HMU , LML and others come in. One other abbreviation that you must have come across a number of times on Facebook or Twitter is ‘OFC’. Do you know the meaning of OFC or what does OFC stand for?

OFC is short of ‘Of Course,' and is used when something is to be expected or obvious. Here are some examples that will help you understand the usage of the abbreviation better.

#1. OFC I will be going to the party, it’s my best friend’s birthday celebration.

#2. OFC you can come to me when you need someone to talk to.

#3. OFC FAM, I will go with you.

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Besides OFC, there are some other abbreviations and acronyms as well that you can use in its place. These include course, Duh and standard. OC can, at times, also be used to indicate that something is obvious. However, in some cases it can also mean Original Character or Orange County.

So, have we taken care of all your doubts regarding the meaning of OFC and when it is used? Do you like using abbreviations while chatting on social networking portals? Tell us through the comment box below. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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