What does MIA mean?

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What does MIA mean?

Do you know what the term ‘MIA’ stands for? Do not worry much! We will help you out in knowing its meaning and usage!  

Before knowing the meaning of the aforementioned term, let’s understand the difference between MIA and AWOL. The latter term stands for ‘Absent without Leave’ aka AWOL. It means somebody who has left their post. It also means that they are not in a combat situation, but they still left for any reason. On the other hand, MIA means ‘Missing in Action.' It is a casualty classification in the army that generally takes place during the time of the war when the status of the soldier at war is uncertain, whether they are martyred or wounded. There have been innumerable soldiers who got MIA during World War one and two as none positively identified their body.

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What Does The Term ‘MIA’ In Texting Means?

In texting, the term MIA means somebody who is not to be found. If there is a group of friends and one of them goes missing, and in spite of placing innumerable texts and calls, he doesn’t get located then that person is MIA. The meaning is the same just as when used during the times of the war. But over the years, varied militaries in the world have improvised the positive identification of their soldiers when they are killed or lost in an event.

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How Is The Term ‘MIA’ Used In Daily Life?

When it’s about using the term MIA in English then it’s way too vital to comprehend that the word is always going to mean ‘missing in action, ’ but many times it's going to have a different meaning to people using it. Suppose, an employer uses the word MIA; it means one of their workers is not accounted for and somebody who hasn’t shown up at his job yet. And this, in turn, leads to firing them but it also depends on the situation. It essentially means that the individual is not on its desk and doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they cannot be found. And friends may use the term for a friend who is not to be found. The time duration may be a week, few hours or two hours for that matter. It simply means that the person is difficult to reach and not that they can’t be located, but it is just impossible to track them down.

Do you use MIA in your day to day life? How frequent are you with the usage of the word. Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your thoughts and views.

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