5 Active Ways to Sharpen Your Brain.

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5 Active Ways to Sharpen Your Brain.

Time passes every single day, every single moment and so does our lives. There’s not much we can do about it, however, we surely can do something regarding the way we live and spend our lives, can’t we? And, this is exactly where keeping your brain active comes. Well, that grey matter needs to be tickling all the time for a good and productive life, right?

Though, most of us take care of our physical well-being by working out, what we often neglect is the brain. Yes, like our body, the brain also requires certain level of workout to strengthen its capacity and make it stronger. No idea how can you do that? Well, you can brainstorm later, folks because for now, I have it sorted for you. Take a look. 

5 Active Ways to Sharpen Your Brain

1. Meditation always works

Connecting to your spiritual self is a great way of rejuvenating your mind and beating the chronic stress that at times can damage your brain severely. Hence, indulging in a routine meditation for even a small duration of half an hour can work wonders for your mental health. Either opt for Yoga or indulge in a plethora of other meditation practices and see the positive changes it brings in your life.

2. Keep a check on your body too

 Yes, it’s critical to keep a note of your physical wellbeing too in order to keep your brain sharp and active. According to a research, indulging in physical exercises increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which happens to be a protein working towards the stimulation of new neurons while keeping the old ones active, thereby, improving the overall cognitive functions of the brain. Hence, go for aerobics, floor exercises or any exercise that gives you adrenaline rush while pumping your heartbeat to keep that grey matter healthy and happy, always!  

3. Indulge in fun cognitive exercises

Well, improving your brain functions doesn’t necessarily need to be boring and serious. It can be fun and engaging too. Wondering how? Well, try indulging in brainstorming games like chess, juggling, scrabble or crosswords and witness how it puts your brain through rigorous mental stimulation while keeping you all entertained and happy.

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4. Channelizing your thought process is the key

In this fast paced world, sadly, everyone speaks but, nobody really listens. Did you know stress can slow the functioning of neurons and severely damage your listening and communicating skills? So, quieting your mind once in a while can be a good way of distressing yourself while helping neurons do their job.

There are a lot of ways to relax your brain while channelizing your thoughts. You can either write down whatever you feel or rant about it in front of someone close or see how your heart and mind, both feel lighter. You can even pause a little, take deep breaths once in a while and induce yourself with positivity.

5. Follow a balanced lifestyle

For the proper functioning of the brain, its critical to have a balanced lifestyle too. From improving your eating habits to taking care of your sleep pattern, everything plays a significant role in improving your mental well being. Hence, indulge in healthy eating practices like low sugar intake, consuming rich protein diet with antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you sleep well in order to be fresh and improve your learning, memory and cognitive abilities.

Now, since you have read it all, I hope you follow these steps and keep your brain sharp and productive to excel in the long run of life. Best of luck! 

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It is fun playing crosswords!!

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