What percentage of our Brain do we use?

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What percentage of our Brain do we use?

The human brain is a very complex organ; it regulates the functioning of the human body and the various organs inside. Its job is hectic and like a super computer, it manages a lot of functions altogether. Apart from the regular menial jobs that are carried out, the brain also has to compose concertos and issues manifestos. It is in charge of our behavioral issues along with keeping in check the repository of memory and self-awareness.

Despite all the explanation that science offers, brain still remains a mystery. The most surprising fact about the brain is that we only use a certain percent of it. So, what percentage of our brain do we use on a daily basis and what can we do with rest. Is a certain percentage of brain usage true or a myth? Let’s find answers to this interesting question.

What Percentage Of Our Brain Do We Use?

There is a long held belief that humans use only a certain portion of their brain which is all of 10 percent. If they are somehow able to tap into the other unused percentage, they would be able to have powers that can only be described as superhuman. From remembering every math’s problem to telekinesis, nothing would be difficult for mankind. Though how true is this claim or is just another myth that has had a really long shelf life. Neuroscientists have busted the myth and they did this using, of course, science. With the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscientists could make out which part of the brain is activated when a human being performs any activity. The scanners showed that a task as simple as clenching and unclenching hands require a lot more than 10 percent of the brain.

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In case the 10 percent referred to the number of brain cells then again it is not true and just a myth. When a nerve cell is not in use as the myth suggests, then they would degenerate and die off. If that doesn’t happen, then they are colonized by other areas nearby. So, in no situation or condition can brain cells be allowed to hang out idly and not have any job to do. They are way too important for them not to be brought into use. Even the 20 percent of the oxygen that we breathe in is used in order to keep brain tissues alive.

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What Percentage Of Our Brain Do We Use When We Sleep?

There is absolutely no truth to the myth that we use only 10 percent of our neutral matter. Modern brain scan shows that there is activity happening in the entire organ even when we are resting. This proves that even during sleep when we think the body is in a resting phase, the brain is actually working. Even minor brain damage can completely wreck a person for life; this would not have been possible if we were only using 10 percent of the brain and had 90 percent spare capacity.

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Movies such as Lucy have added fuel to the fire to this notion that human mind does not work to its optimum potential. Though time and again this claims have been refuted by scientists who have proven that we actually use more than just mere 10 percent of our brain in order to live. There are though hacks that can improve the way you use your brain.

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