Why Do We Sometimes See a Ring Around the Moon?

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Why Do We Sometimes See a Ring Around the Moon?

If you are fond of staring at the moon at night, then there are chances that you must have come across a lot of lines around the moon. The halo that the moon often has is fascinating and beautiful to look at.

As stunning as the moon looks at night with its various rings going around it, one often wonders as to what they mean. In case you have found yourself wondering as to why do you sometimes see a ring around the moon. Here is the answer to your query.

What Does It Mean When There Is A Ring Around The Moon 

If the conditions are right then moon can produce really interesting optical effects. The most common of these optical effects that are produced includes moon rings and moon bows, these are similar to rainbows visible in the sky after rain and moon dogs and pillars. The beautiful rainbow that we see stretched all over the sky is produced when sunlight is refracted through water droplets. The science of the rings around the moon is very similar. When moonlight is refracted through ice crystals, it gives shape to the colorful circles that look like a colored halo

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Folklore Behind The Ring Around The Moon 

According to the old folklore, a ring around the moon signifies that bad weather is coming and strange enough this folklore is most often true. So how is that just some beautiful shapes that form around the moon can give an accurate prediction of the weather. The saying is true because it backed by strong scientific reasons. High cirrus clouds generally come before a storm. The clouds contain within them millions of tiny little ice crystals.

The resultant halo that is formed is due to refraction or splitting of light. It is often also caused by reflection or a glimmer of light from these crystals. In order for the human eyes to see the halo properly, the crystals need to be positioned properly. This is exactly why rainbows and halos around the sun and the moon are such an individual experience. Everyone sees their own personal halo because each is made by their own particular ice crystal.  

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Halo Around The Moon Spiritual Meaning 

Such concepts as seeing a halo or rings around the moon always have a spiritual meaning attached to it. This is because such phenomena are not too recurring and their occurrence brings in natural as well as spiritual changes. Apart from weather lore which says that rings around the moon mean unsettled weather there is more to this fascinating phenomenon.

People once believed that lunar halo around the full moon means that you can walk safely through nocturnal shadows without fear from werewolves or other beings. That thought is least likely to happen and the other more acceptable spiritual meaning are that this rare sight usher in good luck or at times can even a signal from God cautioning people of impending danger.

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Have you ever come across such beautiful halos that surround the large white orb in the night sky and wondered at the beauty that nature holds. Share such experiences with us using the comment box given below. 

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i just saw a ring around the moon and i do not understand what it means. before then for the past 4 days i have been seeing a owl at midnight... who can help me with these spiritual meaning?

I saw this beautiful wonder on the 29th of April whilst at my grans house 😭😭it’s the most beautiful thing ever but mine was different it had one star inside the halo would that also mean it has a significant meaning 

mine has 1 star inside too. and later another star added to it

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