What is the structure of Flame- Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Plasma?

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What is the structure of Flame- Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Plasma?

Whenever you light a candle, a flame erupts providing light and a slight warmth. If you put your hand too close to the flame, it burns you and flickers if it comes in contact with water. So, looking at that flame have you ever wondered what is its structure made of? Is it in a solid state, liquid state, gaseous state or plasma state.

Tell us what the structure of flame is made up of using the comment box below? 

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The structure of flames looks like a gas. It is produced from the reaction of air with some inflammable substances, so I guess it is a gas.

In the ancient times, fire was said to be an element. In this modern times, elements is defined by its number of protons and pure substances. Therefore, fire is not an element. Fire is a mixture of number of hot gases. It emerges with a reaction of oxygen and fuel. The flames are hot and eventually transform in to the attained form called the plasma. Some people might say that fire is not in the structure of plasma but gas. As we know gas expands but when it expands, it tends to cool down and becomes invisible. Therefore, fire cannot be said to form a gaseous structure nor plasma.

It seems like it is gas, as the flames look like they dissolve into the air.But, what exactly it is is a very intriguing topic to me.

Flames are a product that is formed when the oxygen in air reacts with an inflammable substance. In my opinion, flames are gasses.

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