Can science and religion coexist in an ideological space?

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Can science and religion coexist in an ideological space?
Science and religion are two extreme sides of a hollow space. The relation between these two social endeavors is not only complex but also hard to explain.
Logic claims the existence of Science and religion together in an ideological space.


This topic is argumentative but simple if put under reasoning. It had been a subject of study for many scientists and philosophers. But of course, everyone has a different perception that being said my conclusion is not based on perspective, but logic. These two terms despite being totally opposite to each other accommodate the incomplete knowledge of the world. Science is a revelation of truth, evidence and logical reasoning fall completely opposite to the religion which includes faith and sacredness without any reasoning. But as per religion, the existence of life on earth is an incomplete theory until science brings the legitimate knowledge of its existence. Many religions view science as harmonizing to their beliefs. In fact, a study claims that the acceptance of scientific facts is influenced by religion. Islam is known as a religion based on science and involves the scientific interpretation of Quran. 

Albert Einstein said, "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
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