Why Are Airplanes Generally White In Color?

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Why Are Airplanes Generally White In Color?

Ever wondered why most of the airplanes are painted white? You must never have given it a deep thought but, there are many scientific and cost-related reasons behind why airplanes are in white color.

The white color might seem quite monotonous. But, once you read these reasons, you might actually start liking the monotony. Believe it or not but somehow, this white color ensures our safety through various ways.

Below are few reasons behind why airplanes are in white color:

#1. Thermal edge

As far as the scientific reasons are concerned, the plane is painted white because white reflects almost every color that falls on it and does not absorb any energy. This results in keeping the plane cool for a longer time.

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Heating of the airplane’s body can lead to many dangerous outcomes and the situation might become uncontrollable on high altitudes.

2. Spot the issues easily

Just imagine such a huge plane flying at extremely high altitudes and something goes wrong! During the inspection, the source of the issue came out to be that little leakage that could not be spotted by the invigilator previously.

(Image Courtesy: Free Wallpapers)

Do you know what the problem with that plane was? It was differently colored. The cracks, leakage etc. of the plane can be easily spotted on a white background because white color won’t hide things instead will make the issues more visible over it.

3. White is both cheap and classy. 

Can you think of a color that is never out of fashion, looks calming and is affordable? That color is white. This adds to the many reasons for the choice of white as the color of the airplane.

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)

4. White never fades

All the bright and peppy colors have the problem of fading and as soon as they fade, their essence is gone and no one is any more interested in looking at them. Would you like to travel in a faded plane? I don't think so. Well, guess what, in the case of white, the planes will never be faded!

(Image Courtesy: Gizmodo UK)

5. You will love the Processing Cost
The airplane is a huge body that requires a lot of paint. More paint means more amount of weight added to the existing weight of the plane. The heavier the plane gets, more will be the fuel required to make the heavy plane fly on high altitudes. White, on the other hand, is affordable, so buying it in huge quantities won’t be a problem.

(Image Courtesy: Excel Aviation)

6. Extremely easy to manage
The maintenance of white color might be difficult for your white clothes (wearing white is risky on land). But white that is mainly to stay in the sky is easy to maintain and retains its benefits at very low cost.

(Image Courtesy: The Nation)

7. Less weight, after all, it has to fly
The airplane is huge and it takes a lot of colors to paint it completely. So, colored paint would add a lot of weight in the body of the airplane and make it heavy. This is the last thing that an owner would want.

(Image Courtesy: Gizmodo UK)

8. The ‘Let it be’ approach
Call it lazy or whatever but here’s the thing, people feel that till the time there is no major issue or problem with the white color of the airplane, there is no need to change it.

(Image Courtesy: Wordpress)

9. Colorful paints- Not Allowed!
Most of the airlines don’t own the airplanes. Instead, they take them on lease from other companies. These companies don’t allow the airline to paint the airplane in any color at all.

(Image Courtesy: Wordpress)

The reason is obvious (the new owner’s investment will also be high to maintain it the way it is by painting the plane in any other color). Hence, the resale value will decrease and the owners don’t want that.

(Image Courtesy: List25)

Even then, there are planes that aren’t painted white. In fact, nowadays there are many planes that can be spotted in different colors. At the end of the day, it is completely the choice of the owner.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Burns & McDonnell)

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