What are the cruises from New Orleans?

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What are the cruises from New Orleans?

New Orleans has its major key locations just 90 miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico.This is also why it is known as “The Gateway to the Caribbean.” To add more to the appeal of this Crescent City is the fact that it has become among the top 10 ports which are used by cruise ships for embarkation and stopovers. 

These cruise ships are the ones that are traveling from both the eastern and western ends of the Caribbean. There are smaller cruise ships as well that travel up and down the Mississippi River and various other inland waterways of the South and Midwest. If you are looking for some good and cheap cruises from New Orleans then here are few you can choose from.

Cruises From New Orleans

#1. Carnival Cruise Lines

The largest cruise company in the world has 24 ships sailing all across the globe. It has two major vessels that are homeported year-round in New Orleans. These two vessels are the Carnival Elation and the Carnival Dream. The former has a capacity of 2,052 passengers and the latter around 3,652 passengers. While the Carnival Elation takes a 4 to 5 excursion to the Western Caribbean and The Dream offers a 7 day or at times a 10 + cruise to several ports of the Caribbean.

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#2. Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Dawn which is the only cruise ship that is operated by Norwegian Cruise Line out of the Port of New Orleans.  It takes its 7-day cruise to the Caribbean during the winter sailing season. The luxury cruise stands impressively at the height of 965 feet with 125 feet maximum width. It has a capacity of  2,340 passengers.

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#3. Great American Steamboat Company

It was in the month of April in 2012 that the third largest and a brand new American Queen which was part of the former Delta Queen/American Classic Voyages Line stern wheel riverboats became fully active. It is now operated by Memphis-based Great American Steamboat Company and has a capacity of over 436 passengers in 222 staterooms. The duration of the cruise ranges from four to eleven nights. The cruise offers you all the luxuries that you can imagine including fine cuisine, live music, and other entertainment. You can feast your eyes on scenic and historic sites. Along the great Mississippi river.

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#4. American Cruise Line

The Queen of the Mississippi can carry 150 passengers and made its debut in early August 2012 at the Port of New Orleans. If you wish to experience all the comforts and luxurious of the late 19th/early 20th century mixed with the advanced technologies of the modern age then this is the cruise for you. Being the very first paddlewheel riverboat that was constructed for Mississippi River in two decades, it beautifully brings together the charm of the golden age and the wonders of the modern era. It offers an 8-day cruise along the lower Mississippi River between New Orleans and Memphis.

#5. Blount Small Ship Adventures

Blount’s Grand Caribe offers a 16 day and 15-night cruise to its passengers. The path that it cruises is between New Orleans and Chicago along the Mississippi River and other inland waterways. It has a capacity for a total of 88 passengers and has a total of 44 cabins. This cruise offers a cozy ambiance and is loaded with amenities to keep your journey fun and pleasurable.

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So, which of the cruises are you planning to set sail on? Do give us your views on the sea liner and the experience you have had using the comment box below.

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