Things that could go wrong during a flight

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Things that could go wrong during a flight

When you fly for work or during any vacations, you do not foresee any disaster or incident. However, things can go wrong at times and you should be prepared to deal with the eventuality. Below we list some of the major problems which can occur during a flight.

1. Missing Identity Card

You would be ready to board a flight and suddenly you realize that your identity card is missing. This can turn into a precarious situation and you could miss the flight as safety procedures call for not allowing someone without a valid identity card. Take care to ensure that you have the identity card with you when you board a flight.

2. Allergy to particular food

You might be ready to munch your favorite chocolate when you hear an announcement that the passenger sitting beside you has an allergy to chocolates. Prepare yourself for a long haul flight in which you are not able to eat your favorite food.

3. Lost luggage

This is a common problem during multiple transit flights when your luggage gets misplaced. You should deal with this eventuality with a cool head as in most of the cases, the luggage is traced in few days and the airline always pays for any such losses.

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