Safest Seat In Airplanes Revealed!

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Safest Seat In Airplanes Revealed!

Though many people remain critical of air travel, deeming it unsafe, the truth is that the chances of you being involved in a plane crash, which is one in 11 million, are way less than you dying in a car accident, which happens to be about one in 6700. So clearly, not every other plane just plummets out of the sky. For those who are still afraid to board an aircraft, the question remains, what else can you do to improve your chances of surviving a flight? Pick the right seat, experts say.

While the probability of you being involved in a fatal plane crash is already quite low, you can still improve your chances of surviving an accident if you pick the right seat. Some seats bear a little favorable chance of the passenger making it out alive if the plane happens to crash. So, is it the aisle or the center seat? Seats in the front or the back? Let’s find out!

Sometime back, Time Magazine took it upon itself to determine which is the safest seat on the plane, and in their quest, they dug up 35 years of civil aviation data, analyzing each one of the aircraft accidents that had happened in the US in the past three and a half decades. The conducted the study, looking at the number of fatalities, the number of survivors, and where they were seated on the aircraft.

In its research, the Time Magazine found that there are 57 percent worse chances of the survival of passengers on the aisle seats in the middle cabin as compared to those people, enjoying the safest seats on a plane. So, if you have been asking for the aisle seat in the middle of the cabin for a comfortable journey, we suggest you think again next time you pick the seat. These are perhaps the worst seats you can find on a plane.

Of course, a First Class ticket should grant you some extra level of safety as you are spending hundreds of dollars on the seat, right? But it isn’t the case. The magazine’s study concluded that seats at the back of the plane are safer than those in the front; meaning that Economy Class flyers are more likely to survive a plane crash than First Class flyers.

The 15 percent seats, which are located in the front of the plane, were found to have 38 percent fatality rate. However, if you are seated in the middle, right above the wings, and front of the plane, then the fatality rates you are facing are 39 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

The best seats, which have the lowest fatality rate are the middles ones in the rear end of the aircraft, having a fatality rate as low as 28 percent.

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A study published in 2008 by University of Greenwich claimed that the chances of survival among the people seated near the emergency exits is higher in the case of an accident.

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We hope now you know what the chances are of your survival if you ever happen to be involved in a plane accident depending on your seat, and what is the likeliness of you ever being involved in a plane accident. Let us know what you think are the best seats on a plane through your comments.

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