5 Most Lucrative Frequent Flyer Programs & How To Earn Most Out Of Them

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5 Most Lucrative Frequent Flyer Programs & How To Earn Most Out Of Them

A frequent flyer program or the loyalty program is offered by different airlines. By enrolling into a frequent flyer program airline customers can collect points which can be later redeemed for air travel, class upgrade, priority bookings and more such benefits. The points may be based on the fare, class or distance, depending upon different FFP policies. You can also earn the benefit by flying with a partner airline or even through cab companies and hotels. 

Here are some of the best frequent flyer programs and interesting ways to earn points.

#1. British Airways- Avios

The British Airways have based their points on the distance traveled. The best thing about the loyalty program offered by this airway is that your points will also be applicable on the domestic flights within U.S.A. One convenient way of earning the points under Avios is to sign up for a co-branded British Airways credit card.

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#2. American Airlines- AAdvantage

AAdvantage is one of the most popular frequent flyer programs. To avail the points under the AAdvantage program, you can sign up for their co-branded credit card. It is also quite easy with AAdvantage to calculate the points you will need to travel a particular distance.

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#3. Southwest Airlines- Rapid Rewards

Quite easy to get a hold of the points under the Rapid Reward program are based on the fare. The program offers multiple reward seats and travelers who have made 100 one way trips or have collected 110,000 points are provided with a free pass for a companion.

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#4. Singapore Airlines- KrisFlyer

You can just register and download your KrisFlyer membership card from the SingaporeAir application on your mobile. It is also quite easy to earn and redeem points with Skyward. Besides getting your class upgraded, you can also combine the points and miles to pay your travel fare.

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#5. Emirates Airlines- Skyward

The points or miles calculated under the Skyward program are mostly based on route, fare, class, and tier. The best thing about the program is that your points/miles are valid for an extended period of three years, which can give you a lot of time to collect and save for an occasion.

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Some smart ways to earn your points

#1. Hire a cab

Some Airlines have a partnership with cab companies to help you earn more points. For instance, Uber has partnered with American Airlines to give you bonus miles if you pay for your ride by Aadvantage Aviator master card.

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#2. Shopping

There are many programs to facilitate earning points while shopping from the participating brands and retailers. Thanks Again is one such program which helps you earn extra miles or points as you buy anything from a participating retailer.

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#3. Hotels

The on ground partners of many airlines include hotels as well. You can earn a good amount of points by staying at a hotel that is a participant in the loyalty program of the airline you frequently travel with. One such instance is Singapore Airlines, which has over 200 non-airline partners.

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We would love to hear from you. Write in about the frequent flyer program you think is the best. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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