What's the Difference between UberX, Uber Black & Uber Taxi?

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 What's the Difference between UberX, Uber Black & Uber Taxi?

Uber represents the new-age of transportation. Gone are the days when you had to walk till a taxi stand to get a ride. Today, using Uber, you can easily call for a taxi, sitting right at the comfort of your house as the cab comes to your doorstep. Enthralling, isn't?

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Needless to say, due to the revolutionary idea behind Uber, many people have started joining it. People either join as customers or Uber drivers. Due to the large demand and the varied demography of people that Uber serves, they have introduced several options to suit the taste of different people.

These options are Uber X, Uber Black, and Uber Taxi. But, what is the difference between three and which one should you call? Let’s find out.

Uber X

This is a car fleet that Uber has direct control over. Drivers join as Uber’s drivers, although they have to bring their own vehicle if they wish to join X’s fleet. This is Uber’s economy class of vehicles. They provide passengers a budget option to travel. It has the seating capacity of up to 4 people, and you’ll generally find Toyotas or Hondas in this particular fleet. In short, this is Uber’s range of low-cost FHV (For Hire Vehicles).

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Uber Black

Uber Black is a notch higher than its cheaper counterpart X. It has better cars in its fleet- mostly luxury cars like the Mercs, Beamers, and the Cadillacs. Because it is a luxury car category, it naturally costs more than a regular Uber X and XL. This has especially been introduced to serve businessmen and people belonging to economy’s upper echelons so that they can move around the town in style. 

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Uber Taxi

These are your regular yellow taxis that you have become accustomed to seeing. They largely operate as private taxis but occasionally pick up rides from Uber’s app. For that, they get affiliated to Uber’s fleet. This particular category is not a popular option as most people largely rely on Uber’s X and XL class. If someone has to get a yellow taxi, they don’t really use Uber’s app for that.

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Which Uber Should You Call?

As we saw above, Uber’s categories have been devised on the type of cars and the seating capacity. If you have to take an Uber to work every day, then Uber X would suit you best. You can also try Uber’s new feature, the Uber pool for that matter. If you’re a businessman and have to move around town in style, then the XL is for you. If you are planning a family trip around the city, then you can make use of Uber SUV.

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So, there you have it. If you found the article innovative, let us know in the comments below.

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