The role of genes in our personality traits

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The role of genes in our personality traits

The question whether there is any role played by the gene in our personality is popped up some or the other time in everybody’s mind. The reason is very practical. In our society, we are facing so many people whose personalities match with their parents. Some talk like their parents, some walk like their parents, some smile like their parents. Some are very comfortable in public place like their parents while some are very shy as like their parents.

Before going to any further discussion about the gene and personalities let’s know what genes are? Genes are the hereditary units which transform from parents to offspring. This is what our textbook informs us. Genes are also responsible for each and every characteristic of our body. Now the question arises that if the gene is responsible for every character then it is also responsible for our personality.

Genes are responsible for intelligence, common sense, cleverness, violence and so many other personality traits or human being. But, genes are not the only cause of personality traits. Our personality is highly influenced by our surroundings and associations. The combined effects of gene and experience build one’s personality. That’s the reason it is very complex traits. On the other hand, not only one gene involves for different personality traits. So this is also polygenic where multiple genes involve in our personality.

Finding the gene which is really involved in our personality is very difficult. It is like finding some 10 to 12 grain of particular sand in the desert. This subject is under the study of scientists. They are doing the family study, twin study and adaptation studies to find out the gene which is really involved in our personality. What do you think about it? Let’s inform the world.

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