How many Bones are there in the Human Body?

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How many Bones are there in the Human Body?

The human anatomy has always been a mystery to mankind. Each part of the body has a significant function, and one cannot afford the absence of any of these parts. One of the most important elements is the bone. But how many bones are there in the human body?

Bones are an essential part of the human body as it forms the internal structure of the human skeleton. It forms the framework on which the entire body rests.

The human skeleton is the internal structure of the body. It starts developing between 13-16 weeks after conception. The human body has 300 bones at the birth time which reduces to 206 by adulthood as some of the bones fuse together.

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By the age of 20, the skeleton obtains its maximum bone mass density. Although, with time passing by the bone density tends to reduce making them weak. One should rely on calcium rich food to keep their bones strong and active.

An adult skull consists of 26 cranial and facial bones merged alongside the sutures, the unmovable joints. The jaw or the mandible is an exception because it is attached to a moveable joint.

At the time of birth, most of these bones are not fused but are joined by the fibrous membranes called fontanelles. They are commonly known as the “soft-spot” for an infant’s head. These bones join eventually.

If you have been looking for a detailed account of bones in a human body, then follow this guide to find your answers.

#1. Skull

The skull consists of 22 bones including the hyoid and ear bones. The head has 29 bones.

#2. Face

There are 14 facial bones

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#3. Arm

The arm has a total of 64 bones.

#5. Legs

The Feet has 52 bones i.e. 26 bones per foot. 

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#5. Pelvis

The hip bone is divided into ilium, ischium, and pubis. The pelvis is formed when the sacrum and the coccyx join to the two hip bones.

#6. Chest 

The chest usually has 25 bones, but some can have a few additional cervical ribs too. These ribs occur naturally in reptiles. There are 24 ribs in total which are divided into 12 pairs. Note that the 8th, 9th and the 10th pair are attached to each other and are known as the false ribs. They are appended to the 7th pair too, by the cartilage and synovial joints. The 11th and 12th pair, referred to as the floating ribs have no attachments. Cervical ribs are the extra ribs which are found in some humans.

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Did you know about the bone structure in a human body? Let us know in the comment section below.

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