What are the best Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for children?

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What are the best Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for children?

Are you someone who loves to read or watch fairy tales? Does the idea of a happy ending make you come alive? You do dream of your own happily ever after? Have you grown up watching and reading fairy tales that have happy endings? Do you wish the same for your own children?

Watching fairy tales that have a happy ending has been a childhood ritual for many of us, and we tend to wish to expose a lot of our children to the same. If you have been looking for a list of the best happily ever after fairy tales for children, you sure are at the right place. Down below is a list of the best happily ever after fairy tales for every child.

The Best Happily Ever After Fairytale For Children

#1. Cinderella

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This is one of the classics that we all have grown up watching. We all are aware of the fact that in the end the Cinderella is discovered by her prince charming. Along with a happy ending, we also get to experience a huge amount of magic and miracles that take place in the life of the protagonist. Whether your children choose to read the book version of this tale or watch the films made on this tale, they are sure to experience a happy ending.

#2. Beauty And The Beast

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If your children are interested in happy endings, 'the beauty and the beast' is one such story that screams happy ending. The fact that the beast finally turns into a prince charming and the spell that kept him in the form of a beast is broken definitely is a pleased ending. The beauty has the opportunity to have a happily ever after with her prince charming, is another happy aspect of the ending. Talking of a list of fairy tales with happy ending, beauty and the beast is coming somewhere at the top of the list.

#3. Sleeping Beauty 

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Another one of the classics that gives us major hopes for happy endings in our lives is 'Sleeping Beauty.' This remains a great choice for children and teens that are in love with fairytales and are in search for something that has a happy ending. The spell is broken by the kiss of a handsome prince and the life of the protagonist changes for ever. Makes us wonder if only a kiss from a charming prince can wake you up each morning!

#4. Rapunzel

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This fairy tale like all the other has many different versions of it. In some her hair grows back when the prince touches her, in others, they finally meet and live happily ever after. What remains constant is the fact that all the versions have a happy ending and the prince and Rapunzel always reunite and remain happy forever. You can have your children read the book version of this classic fairy tale or they can also choose to watch the films made in this tale. Both will have a similar impact on your children, leaving them looking forward to the happy endings and magic in their own lives.

#5. Aladdin

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We all know how Aladdin discovers the lamp and with the help of the genie, manages to get all his wishes granted to live happily. He continues to live a lavish life and fights the evil with the help of the genie. There are many adaptions of this and also many variations to the tale. However, all of them remain to be very positive, and Aladdin always manages to find the lamp and genie back. This is also a very popular option, has been around in the form of books and movies for quite long.

Do you feel this article gives you enough options of fairy tales with happy endings? Will you want your children to read or watch these tales? Please let us know by commenting below.

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There is nothing more amazing than fairytales and as kids they made our life all the more wonderful. As kids we grew up rooting for Cindrella to finally get back with her Prince Charming and to defeat her ugly sisters and step mom. We wanted to dress up and go to a lavish ball wearing glass slippers and dearly wished we had a fairy godmother. My favourite all fairy tale of all time is beauty and the beast as it teaches us an important lesson to look past physical appearances, In a dark world, these beautiful tales add a glimmer of hope and joy in our lives. They teach us that no matter how bad things get, there is still magic and beauty in this world. The idea of a happily ever after may sound ludicrous in the present world but it all made sense as a kid. I would love to see my and all little kids in the world watch these tales and grow up believing that there is always a silver lining in the cloud  and sometimes that's all it takes to change life forever.

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