Can you suggest a Topic for Fine Art's Essay?

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Can you suggest a Topic for Fine Art's Essay?

Being a final year Art’s student, I was assigned a project last month to write about fine arts. While most of the students have already submitted their essays, I still have not zeroed in on the topic that I want to cover in my essay. I do have some vague ideas but cannot contemplate what precisely I want to write about.

So, I have decided to ask you guys about what you think would be a good enough topic for me to cover in my final year Art essay. Share your ideas with me through comments below.

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To be honest you have a pretty difficult topic and you can face some difficulties while writing it... As the previous writers said you can write about Renaissance age because you can find a lot of information on the Internet and books. But if you feel that you can`t handle it alone you can write to these guys, they specialise in writing essays and will definitely help you. I hope you will succeed in your work, good luck!

Fine Arts and it's relationship with money 

Even I am looking out for answers.

Talk about the influence of art in the Renaissance age.

The transitions in fine arts.

The development of modern art in the age of Renaissance.

Write something on miniature paintings.

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