How to make Math fun for my Kids?

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How to make Math fun for my Kids?

As a concerned parent, I do not want my kids to see studying as a dull or boring activity that their parents and teachers force them to partake in. Instead, I want to make learning fun for them so they enjoy finishing their homework and pick up their books without any external motivation.

As the holiday season is almost upon us, I am thinking about spending my time with them playing some fun math activities so they can relish their time and learn at the same time. Do you think I can teach math to my kids through fun activities? Also, can you suggest me a few such games that can help my kids understand math better?

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You can ask children to play games online. It will help them in learning and will provide entertainment too.

Use games and activities. It will be fun and easy.

Certainly by making them participate in everything. 

Latest apps such as Byju's provide study material, tablet coaching and step by step process to solve an equation followed by explanations! These apps can make your kid interested in what otherwise seems to be a boring activity.

If your kid is weak at additions, make him read the numbers of every car and ask him to sum up the total. This is a super fun activity and your kid is sure to love it. 

You can download a few games on your phone from the app store that include learning math.

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