How to make Brown Color?

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How to make Brown Color?

Colors are what make up our lives; everywhere you look around you, there are colors. The sky, the greenery around and even the land beneath our feet are all made up of different shades of colors. They add a lot of meaning and beauty to everything.

Be it the green of trees or an array of colors that the flowers consist of. One cannot help but be fascinated by them

What Colors Make Brown?

Basically, there are three different types of colors, the first is primary, then secondary and the third one is tertiary colors. The primary colors are red green and blue. These colors cannot be produced by mixing any other hue. You can make them lighter by mixing them with white color which would give the shade lighter tint. Similarly, if you mix them with black, they will become a shade darker. The colors that you need to make a brown paint are red and green. When these two primary colors are mixed together in equal proportion, they give a brown color shade. The other way is to mix equal amounts of red and yellow to get green and then add a bit of blue to it. This would also create a brown color shade. If you are wondering how to make the perfect brown color using other colors, then this is what the process is like.

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What Colors Make Brown Paint?

Various paints can be used to create brown color. You can mix some red and orange and then add a bit of black paint to it. The last color should be added bit by bit to strike the right shade of brown. The other way is adding equal quantities of blue and yellow in order to get a green hue. After which you can add red paint to this mixture and you will get a brown shade. The brown color code chart consists of many shades. The brown color code RGB is basically broken down to see what amount the other colors that are red green and blue are present to make a particular shade.

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Color Combinations 

If you are an artist, you would know the importance of a good color combination. For this, you need in-depth knowledge of color combination. For example mixing all the colors will give you a brown that is a tertiary color. To get a good shade of brown, use a mixing palette.

Were you looking for the perfect way to create brown shade? Share your feedback in the comment box below.

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