What causes Seasons to Change?

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What causes Seasons to Change?

Seasons come and go, but the earth remains forever. Our Planet earth is the most wonderful celestial body in the entire universe. We have a vivid diversity among everything, be it people, food, culture, religion; or seasons. If it wasn't for the variety of seasons on earth, most of us would have been dead, or close to it. Imagine an earth with sun atop your head 12 hours a day, and 365 days a year. Quite disturbing, right? Imagine what could have been the present scenario if we didn't have a rainy season just after summers, or autumn season following rainy, and winter right after it.

But, have you ever thought what causes the seasonal change? NO? Well, it's time to figure out the answer. 

What Causes Seasons On Earth? 

Season on earth is caused due to the Earth's axis, which is tilted at an angle of 23.4 degrees. Because of this, there's an unequal distribution of solar energy on different parts of the earth. Western countries are colder compared to Asian countries, this is due to the tilted axis. Thanks to Mars which crashed with our newly formed planet earth around 4.5 billion years ago, earth now is similar to the man who walks with a tilted neck. Now, if you can picturize earth, the countries on the lower side of the earth receive less sun rays because of the tilted axis, hence they are colder. Whereas the countries in the upper hemisphere get more light, thus they are slightly warmer. And, as the region near the equator in both-upper and lower hemisphere face the sun at a better angle, they get an abundance of light and as a result, they are neither too cold, nor too hot.  

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Earth's Tilt And Seasons Change

Earth’s tilt causes the difference in season in between northern and southern hemisphere. You already know that when it's winter in South, the North faces the heat of the summer and vice versa. If it was not for the earth’s tilt, the north and south pole would have had same seasons on same time. But, thanks to Mars for the tilt which lead to the heterogeneous sun ray distribution on different parts of the earth and causing the seasons that we have.

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Why Do Seasons Change?

There are many reasons for the change in season, some are scientific and some are just theories. The annual cycle can be one reason for the season change on earth. The earth rotates and revolves around the sun in an imaginary orbit, and continuously flips sides. This flipping of side causes the seasonal change. The side which faces the sun in June, experiences winter. And when the side doesn't face the sun, it experiences winter.  

The other reason can be the continuous change in direction from the sun causes a change in the season. And the third and the most logical reason is the earth's tilt which we have already discussed.  

Whatever is the factor causing seasons and the annual seasonal cycle, we should be thankful for it. Thanks to the factor influencing season and seasonal change, we enjoy seasons rather than suffering from it, knowing that it won’t last.

Whether it’s winter or summers, it’s always fun to know something new about our planet. And we sincerely hope this article added value to your life. At the end, do let us know if you liked the article using the comment section.  

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