6 Smart Guidelines to Recycle a Duvet

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6 Smart Guidelines to Recycle a Duvet

As we all know pillows, duvets and quilts are made up of synthetic material that can’t be recycled and is also not good enough to dispose off. While on the other hand the pillow manufacturing companies use to suggest that you have to change the pillows after every 6 months to almost 2 years. That will lead towards getting lot of unhealthy non disposable fluff that will fill up most of the landfill sites.

But on the other hand you can simply reuse these duvets, pillows and quilts in other different ways instead of just throwing it away. But first of all you should prefer to wash them nicely after that you can use them for other different purposes.

Some people prefer to use the filling of the pillows, double duvet 13.5 tog and quilt to make a new one while others would love to donate it to the needy people who actually need it. Other than that these might be utilized by the animals so before throwing these things away in the garbage prefer to think about all these things. Here in this article we are discussing about the smart uses of the duvet, pillows and quilt.

1. Make a Halloween costume:

You can reuse these quilt, pillows and duvets for making costumes of the Halloween event it will allow you to make the most scariest ghosts and ghouls costumes that will loved by everyone.

2. Use the old filling to make new blanket:

Next thing that you can do with these comforters and duvets is to take its synthetic filling out and pour it into your new handmade duvet. For this firstly take some cloth and sew it in a shape of blanket after that fill it up all over again by using your old blanket filling.

3. Use the filling to make floor cushions:

Next thing that you can make by using these old duvets, quilts or pillows is to make new and fresh floor cushions. These might be used while watching movie with whole family and friends.

4. You can easily use them to cover your plants:

Actually there are some types of plants that need to stay warm especially in the winter season. So you can simply use these old duvets and quilts to cover them up in such a freezing temperature so that they would get alive.

5. Use old duvets to make a kid’s play mat:

Next thing that you can do with these old quilts and blankets is to use it while your kid is playing on the floor. It will help him to be safe and protect him from getting injured. Side by side it will also help him to play on a neat and clean space that will be germs free. Obviously every mother want that there kid’s play on the hygienic place.

6. Prefer to save it for using at Picnic or on the Beach:

Next thing that you can do with these old blankets, quilts and duvets is to keep them aside to use on the picnic. You can simply place it on the grass while eating lunch at the picnic with your family and friends. It will help you to remain protected from bugs and warms present on the grass.

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