Hard Work or Smart Work: Which is a Better Choice?

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Hard Work or Smart Work: Which is a Better Choice?

Ever since a little kid, I heard them say "Hard work is the key to Success", however, now that I'm all grown up and working, I realize how the management and senior officials lay emphasis on smart work. While it's much easier to wind up your work effectively, quickly and better when you work smartly, people still say that there is nothing like hard work. This is a tough call to make when you're in the middle of some really important decision-making and you have to decide whether to choose hard work or smart work.

Please suggest me which one is better for a progressive career growth and overall personality development: Hard work or Smart work? Use the dialog box below to share your opinion on the same. 

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Answers (6)
Smart work is always the better choice. Hard work pays off without any doubts but if you work smartly you'll be able to manage the same task in lesser time and efforts. 

Hard work is all about strife and overcoming hurdles in your path. You make a plan and when you start implementing it, it is clear to you step by step the amount of effort you need to put in. A big and ambitious plan needs more people in the team and the team’s speed will be as fast as that of the leader. Smart work makes the struggle shorter after one has laid the foundation with hard work. So one must always begin with hard work and then resort to smart work just like I did.

I suppose smart work is better. because once you what are the techniques to work, it will take you a long way rather than just working like donkeys. 

It is better to work smart than work hard. It is not necessary you will have to work hard to get really favorable results.

Smart work over hard work any day. 

Smart work is much better as you don't get to toil much and get the favorable results as well.

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