How to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

In this fast-paced world, we are busy with our own affairs to the extent that we end up creating a mess in our lives. The result is very negative as it affects both our work and life. We ought to the right the wrong and bring back the order in our lives.

A proper balance is a must between work and life so that you can fare well at both. You need to be confident, determined and full of spirits to attain work-life balance. Given below are the pointers as to how we can achieve work-life balance!

How To Achieve Work-life Balance ?

#1. Set Borderlines

People need to create limitations and prioritize their time. Some people do not pay attention to their personal life and suffer eventually. Others are too involved in the personal life, that they fail to attend to their professional and work life. This attitude is the root of all evils. You ought to set some boundaries so that you do not do anything in excess. Also, when you pay no attention to either of them, you lag behind in any one area. Therefore, make sure that you do not exert yourself in work and leave your life just for the heck of it or vice-versa.

Boundaries are very important as they help you keep an equilibrium which can let you concentrate on both work and life in equal measure. Sometimes it happens that people work the extra mile to achieve their goals. If you restrict yourself as per schedule, you will achieve work-life balance. Or else things will go topsy-turvy.

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#2. Assess Your Daily Regimen

For attaining work-life balance, you need to research your daily activities. Make a list of your activities starting from morning and ending at night. The list will give you an idea of how much you work and how much attention you pay to things both at work and in life. So, incorporate certain changes in your lifestyle as per your list so that you can manage your work and life easily without any problems.

Such an analysis of your day-to-day affairs will make you cognizant of your productivity you give at work and how much time you waste on meaningless things. So, when you have something written clearly before you, you can decide the course of events as per your performance and attitude in life.

#3. Seek Help

Well, at times we are so occupied with our lives that we get in the run of work and life. We cannot seem to escape the chains of the responsibilities and duties we have. So, instead of taking some measures to ameliorate our situation, we keep on adding to the mess which only adds fuel to the fire. To achieve work-life balance, we should ask for help. Family and friends can be contacted when you are going through a phase which requires a solution.

You need to understand that you cannot do everything on your own and there is no shame in seeking help from someone who can help you come out of this work-life dilemma. You can achieve work-life balance by talking to people and discussing your problems and difficulties.

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#4. Get Used To Mess In Life

Have an idea of cleanliness. People fail to notice the mess in their life and some of us simply are so used to the puzzles in our life. We should set our mind to experience something which is muddled up. You will achieve work-life balance if you know that things are not always easy in life. Train your mind to the inevitable mess of both work and life.

Also, the mess can be taken in the other sense. You should know how to clean your house so that you do not fail through and through whenever the need arises. So do not stay in denial and be aware of what is going on around you.

#5. Go On Digital Detoxification

Families often complain that people do not give their time to families. You should not immerse yourself in work like crazy. You should spend your time with family as well so that you can connect with other. Professional life is important, but you cannot ignore your own life, therefore strike a balance between the two. Also, when your work takes a toll on you, just stop and relax. Think of something that entertains you. Relaxation is very necessary.

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Take a break from technology and digital world and enjoy with your family. Take care of yourself too in the process. Technology, these days, have disrupted the normal order of our lives. So, a good distance from it is good once in a while to charge ourselves up.

#6. Learn The Art Of Negotiation  

Negotiation is an art which everyone should know. People working in offices should know the tact of persuading their employers so that they do not tire themselves out with the overload of work. Moreover, you should know the basic mantra to convince people around you at work so that you get time for leisure as well. It is no use working with anxiety and stress.

If you are well-versed in negotiating things with people, you can achieve work-life balance. You get to be in the company of your family members too when you can work your way around with your craft.

#7. Telecommute

Look for options in which you are comfortable and at ease. Try to work from home and manage it effectively and efficiently so that you can complete it in time. With a thing like this, you can spend time with your own self as well. You can deal with the issues of your life and submit your assignments too from home at the same time.

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#8. Take Out Me-Time

You should definitely reserve some time for yourself, that is the best time of the day. Work is important but talking to yourself to know yourself and your feelings are also important. Please make sure that you snatch some time out of your busy work life to pamper yourself. You can treat yourself to some movie or lunch. Go for long walks and do things that satisfy you other than work.

When you have me-time in life, you lead a peaceful and content life, and you realize your own worth. You are not just born to work at all hours; you are supposed to enjoy too.

#9. Say No At Times

Okay, to attain work-life balance, you should stop nodding all the time to others’ proposals or requests. Some people take advantage of our behavior due to which we are grilled from day to night. So we should learn to say no to things. Such little things impact our lives to a great extent.

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#10. Ditch Irrelevant Things

Do not do things that are meaningless. Stay focused on things that matter. If you are involved in futile things, you would never be able to strike a balance between work and life. So chuck the baseless stuff and look forward to something constructive, meaningful and that has value.

Irrelevant things in life just waste our time, adding to our life’s woes. To achieve work-life balance, you should begin to get rid of unnecessary and useless stuff in your life.

Hope you people liked the article. Do you have opinions on how to achieve work-life balance? Share your opinions in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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 A very good article here and good comments as well. managing stress and establishing trust are vital to work/life balance


I have learned the very hard way over several decades that mind/body balance is key in managing stress and its aftereffects as well as managing expectations.

The human physiology has not evolved to match the pace at which we live today and the technology available to us. Gadgets (or "Gadget" programs) for fitness are a fad, cost money and supply relatively little value. They espouse the quick and easy because that is what sells. Diet programs are the same.

The following 4 basics are suggested for starters. They can be efficiently achieved but not quickly and for many not easily. But they are monumentally worth the investment. Like many other challenges they require management and must be synchronous with the other elements of our life.

1. Realign a long walk with problem solving and family time to have a clear horizon and put mind and body in sync. Our bodies still require moderate exercise to function because we have not yet evolved out of your "Hunter/Gatherer/Fight/Flight" physiology.

2. Develop habits that permit the subliminal mind to work while the body rests as least 7 hours a day with sleep.

3. The human body needs a mix of lean meat and vegetables. The artificial junk clogs us up and wears us down.

4. Manage expectations - those others have for us and those we have for ourselves. We are sensitive and vulnerable creatures, designed in a complex and vastly varying ways. The pace of life these days requires cultivation of expectation management and everyone must evolve their own unique form of that art.


Americans have been tasked with the need to evolve a modern, technically astute and informed process of establishing trust in media and similar sources of information.

Communications and expectations are two vital elements in measuring trust.

To an extraordinary degree the age in which we live is requiring us to redefine trust and the degree to which communication and expectation contribute to it.

Consider simpler times a few years past (say 50). Trust was necessary in many venues as a means of survival on a day to day basis. We relied on others extensively for our well being from our local store to our banker, from the policeman to the politician.

And we knew them all better, we could reach out and touch them and we were not viewing them in sound bites and web sites, nor were we being bombarded with multiple forms of input to digest about them.Mass marketing and communications has created expectations beyond reality in venues from romance web sites to building wealth.

We must come down to earth and become much more sophisticated in the manner with which we view all this input and sift it in a meaningful way to have true trust.

If we do not we run a high risk and that fact is inescapable. To a very large degree this is a personal responsibility.

Balance in life is very necessary, however, everyone is so busy with their lives that they forget to maintain balance. The word balance gets obfuscated from our lives once we grow up, have families and start working. We are caught in the gridlock of the life what we call Catch-22 situation. It is a situation in which we are surrounded by problems from every sphere and one problem leads to another. Yes, we are in such adverse circumstances and the tragedy is that we cannot escape it. Like it lump it, guys, you have to accept it. Considering the nature of this fast-paced world, we have to make efforts to strike a balance between our work and life so that the chain of our live goes smoothly without any hiccups whatsoever. See I know it is impossible to spend your entire day with family but you should not ignore your family. You should devote your time to your parents, spouse and children. To enjoy life, you have to this. Peace will naturally come in your life and order will be established through which you can weave your own streak of magic in life which will help you. The pressure of work is immense in some offices and we cannot so much as think to spend time with family because we work round the clock and hit home at the witching hour. We wake up at the crack of dawn only to grill ourselves at work. I, however, have set barriers for me so that I can enjoy both at the same time. I don’t want any one area to be superfluous in terms of my attention. Yes, work keeps you busy but mind you, it keeps you sane as well. We are nothing without work, it is not everything but it is the means of our survival. We earn money by virtue of work we have in our hands. What if we had no work? Everyone in this world works and there is no denying the fact that work takes up most of our time but we should make sure that we cover up that time we weather in the rut of work by giving our time to our families. Also, we should take care of ourselves. It is no use working with poor health, money is something which can be earned side by side. Pat attention to your life and people around you. Look for inspiration and pick up ideas from people on how they maintain balance and proper consistency in their life. You should definitely take out time for yourself, as the article says because it helps you know better. It will let you know your real nature. Talk to yourself and snatch some time out of your busy life to stay connected with your own self and friends. We should not exhaust ourselves to the point of being abominable because it would make us weak which would lessen our productivity and efficiency. Therefore, do things that keep you away from work for some time at least so that balance can be created.

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