What to do When you Do Not like your Boss?

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What to do When you Do Not like your Boss?

It feels so good when you are finally out of the college and gets to have a job and make money. You are an independent being now who can pursue his or her passions. Landing your dream job is the absolute life you imagined about, but it all comes crashing down when you have a boss who is not so great. They kill your passion like a lion would do to a deer. It feels like it is their natural ability. The worst part of it all is that you cannot do much about it. 

You can only do as to not get in their books because you cannot tolerate them. But eventually, you have to report to them at the end of the day. They are the ones who will prepare your performance report and send it to the management. You just cannot afford to make them turn against you. You smile through gritted teeth and gulp down the frustration. You even doubt the management who made them sit at a senior post. That is, in fact, true, most people have bosses who are not good enough to be at that position, but they are at a senior position than you even if they know nothing better than you. So by hook or crook, you have to follow their orders and abide by them. We know you hate your boss. In fact, you are not the only one around who has that feeling. A majority of people are unhappy at their workplace because they have a horrible boss. Let us examine some reasons why people hate their bosses so much.

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Why Do You Hate Your Boss?

Some of the bosses are outright mean human beings who do not treat their employees as people. They would just assign work as you would just put the commands on a machine. They do not even try to know their subordinates on a personal level. They do not own up to their own mistakes and even try to blame it on their underlings. Who would want to have a role model like that? They only get resentment from people working for them.

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At times, bosses even try to bully a particular person in the team in the pretext of setting an example for others. They would just pinpoint every little mistake they see in them without a purpose. Sometimes, they also bear unrealistic expectations from their team and hope to achieve exceptional targets without putting in a sound plan from their end. That is why they harbor the hatred of their employees. You cannot survive the work even if you love your job but hate your boss. You have to find out some ways to sort out the situation. Here are some of the tips that can help you through:

What To Do When You Do Not Like Your Boss?

#1. Analyze Your Reasons

The best way to get over the hatred that you have for your boss is to know why is it that you cannot bear to be with them anymore. Maybe you do not like being told how to do things every time. Or is it that they do not appreciate your work despite your constant effort to impress them. If you know what really triggers you, you can keep your anger aside and work on your relationship with your boss.

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#2. See Things From Their Perception

It is very easy for us to collect reason to condemn our boss but seldom we try to see the reasons of why they behave that way. If you really want to work on your hatred for your boss, you should see why they have to be so rude to you at times. Maybe you are really not up to the mark with your performance despite working hard. Or it could be possible that they are getting pressure from higher authorities to get things done. If you know things from their eyes, maybe you will start understanding them. Also, you will stop cursing them so much.

#3. Find Ways To Take Off Frustration

You will eventually learn your lesson to not being so open about disliking your boss. Keeping your silence when you really just want to tell them to go somewhere particularly bad (read hell) can be really frustrating at times. You will not be able to perform very well. So you need some way of blowing off that steam collected inside you so that you can feel light again. It can be anything from a boxing session to aromatherapy on every weekend. Find something to calm your nerves so that you can face the challenges with a happy face when the week starts again.

#4. Remember You Love The Job

You have been through all those interviews before you got your dream job so why just let it go for a horrible boss. Whenever you think that you have had too much, just try to remember all the good things about the job and write them down somewhere. This will remind you that you love your job more than you hate your boss. So do not let your boss take the best of you away. You are doing good work, and you should be proud of it. Forget about having an unworthy boss.

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How To Deal With Hating Your Boss?

#1. Set Limits

We understand that your boss is a nagging maniac who would assign you a new task as soon as you are done with your work. He will call you even when you are on holiday enjoying a party at the beach. So, to deal with this, you should set some boundaries with your boss before this gets out of hand. You should talk to the management that you do not work on weekends and other holidays. This will make them understand not to keep bugging you even when you are not in the office.

#2. Patience Always Works

Keep doing what you are good at and try to ignore the ranting of your boss for some time. Let them believe that they have created a living hell for you but know how to keep your calm inside. Just ignore it if your boss takes all the credit for your hard work. Things will eventually fall into place and destiny will let them suffer for their selfish behavior. We mean to say that the management will notice that it is you behind the work. Until then keep a record of every time your boss takes the praises on your behalf.

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#3. Raise Your Voice

You have to take the insults of your boss when you are working in the office. But make sure that they do not go overboard with their authority. If they are being partial with you and making you suffer because of some personal grudges, you should not just sit and watch. Make sure you walk to the HR manager of the company first in order to see if that works. Your motive should be to make your boss be reasonable to you and not playing blame games.

#4. Disagree Respectfully

This one is really difficult to follow for someone who you particularly despise. You might be tempted to tell them straight away that what they are saying is utter nonsense. But you are better off speaking the polite version of that. While it is okay to show your disagreement during a meeting, do not forget the fact that they are still your boss. Do not be rude to them, especially not in front of the whole team or they will make sure that you do not stay in the company for long. Just remember this mantra - "If you cannot say something nice, avoid speaking at all."

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#5. Clear The Air With Them

You have been very patient and polite with your boss, but they always seem to insult you in front of everyone. You need to talk to them directly about their behavior and tell them that you do not approve of their attitude towards you. Bring up instances where you did not like their acts and let them know why it hurt you. It is possible that they are completely unaware that it is hurting you or maybe they are doing it unintentionally. By talking you will know if they are willing to make amends to their ways.

We hope that this article helps you in dealing with your horrible boss. Let us know in the comment box below if you had similar experiences with you and what you did in that case.

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