Are You a Good Boss?

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Are You a Good Boss?

Leading a group of employees is not as simple a task as it seems. You might end up covering up for the mistake that your employees make, a little harshness may invite a lot of hatred and the work environment of your company depends on you.

However, despite all the responsibilities, you can do a brilliant job as a boss if you have the following traits:-

#1. You're Passionate For Your Work

To set an example for your employees, the first and foremost trait required for a boss is to be good at what he does. You can only inspire the people who are working for you by being efficient yourself. It is only through your passion for your work and skills that you can become an outstanding boss.

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#2. You're Humble

Does being the boss necessarily means that you have to be high-handed? Moving up to a higher position definitely does not entitle you to be arrogant. A great boss is always grounded, humble and never forgets his roots.

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#3. You're There For Everyone

A common mistake that most heads and chiefs commit is to entirely segregate themselves from their employees. In order to be an inspiring boss, you should be easily available to your employees. It is imperative for an inspiring boss to ensure that his employees are able to relate to him.

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#4. Keep False Promises At Bay

Making false promises will only keep you away from being a good boss. Never end up making promises that you cannot fulfill. Not only will this harm your reputation, but it will also be a major setback to the trust that your employees have on you.

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#5. Adept at Decision-Making

You simply cannot be a good boss when you find it difficult to make decisions. If you have moved up the power ladder, you should also be equally capable of making decisions. After all, an exemplary boss is best known for his firm decisions.

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#6. You Have A Great Sense Of Humor

All work and no play is a strict no if you want to become a good boss. The job of a boss is not only to keep the work going but also to ensure that his employees are comfortable around you and are enjoying their work. A light- hearted work place environment will only increase the work efficiency.

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#7. Make The Best Out Of An Employee

The most important quality required of a boss is to direct his employees in accordance with their skills. Since it is incumbent upon the boss to assign the right task to the right employee, an efficient boss should know both positive and negative traits of all his employees.

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#8. You Maintain Transparency

While a company mandatorily needs to keep a few things from the employees, it is imperative for a good boss to maintain as much transparency with the employees as he can. A boss should be honest with what he expects from his employees. A complete honesty while sharing feedbacks will only enhance communication and increase the productivity.

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#9. You Believe In Long-Term Planning

Limiting your focus to short- term scenario may seem convenient at first. However, it will not lead you too far in the race. To be a good leader, you need to plan way ahead and think about the long term consequences of your decisions.

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#10. Take Feedbacks Seriously

A good boss should always be open to employee’s feedbacks. However, a mere collection of feedbacks would never suffice, as it is natural for employees to expect their inputs to be taken seriously. Not taking the feedbacks seriously will harm the trust that the employees have on their employer. While it is impossible to execute every suggestion dropped in by the employees, it is the duty of a boss to assure the employees that their feedbacks matter.

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#11. You're Free From Prejudice

Another important trait which is required to become a good boss is to be justified. An inspiring boss should be free from any sort of bias or unreasonable decisions. A boss who has valid reasons for every decision that he makes will always end up setting the right example for his employees.

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We would love to hear from you on what all makes a great boss. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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