How to have a Fulfilling Career?

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How to have a Fulfilling Career?

We all want a successful and fulfilling career even if we greet it a little late in life. A good career is the foundation of a good and happy future. It decides our events in life, through and through. Our career can make and break the shape of our lives.

How To Have A Fulfilling Career?

Everyone aspires to have a good and fulfilling career in order to lead a good life. The happiness turns double if the career happens to be of your interest that pleases you. Given below are the pointers on how to have a fulfilling career that can keep us happy and energetic until the very end:

#1. Have A Professional Identity

Create your identity which helps you differentiate your work with your personal life. We all know that all of us are conditioned since our formative years that we have to become perfect and make our own identity. If you wish to have a happy and fulfilling career, you need to have something in mind so that you can work according to it and create your separate identity. A professional shape is very necessary to initiate a career which you dream of.

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Therefore do something that lends you a professional and official right and shape of your own. When you have an identity, you can think where it takes you and how it is going to affect you in the long run.

#2. Do Not Think Of Appreciation

Some people who are hankering after praise and excessive appreciation from others often lag behind. Hence, do not think of praise. Do something that keeps your mood pleasant. You should pursue a career that makes you smile and beam with satisfaction. Fishing for compliments is the biggest hindrance to your career. If you want to have a fulfilling career, you need to be aware that appreciation is not the only measure of a good and successful career.

People might not appreciate you, but it does not mean that you would go in a state of anxiety and apprehension. Some people have this habit of not praising people when they do something good and extraordinary. So steer clear of any adulation and positive remarks.

#3. Be A Part Of Others’ Success

Cherish others as well. Do not be envious of others when they celebrate their success. They have reached the height of success by hard work, patience, and grit. You need to respect them and celebrate with them in full buoyancy. When you share someone’s happiness and success, you get inspired and get ideas from others. You can walk in their footsteps and visualize your success and career through their celebration. This attitude in life will keep you confident, grounded and a create a sense of bonding with others.

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Consider someone else’s success as an inspiration and work hard to achieve your goal in life. Ask them for tips and suggestions and tell them you are happy for them for their achievements and performances.

#4. Think Positive

Be optimistic, think of things that will prove beneficial for you. Do not get carried away with the occasional failures or mistakes as they are of fleeting nature. If positivity and enthusiastic nature run through your veins, you can have a fulfilling career in life.

#5. Do Not Run After Perfection

No one is perfect, not even close. We should accept our blunders and flaws which are common to all. You cannot have everything on your plate, therefore respect what you do, try to look for happiness. Else change your thinking and career and invest in your area. If you continue to chase perfection, you will fall into a pit of disappointment.

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#6. Come Out Of Uncertainty

The problem lies in uncertainties. When doubts hit you, you get confused. You are in a maze when you cannot decide what to choose and what to reject. This stage comes in every person’s life. It is not an uncommon phenomenon. Uncertainties do not let you think with an open mind. They hinder your channels of thinking and contemplation.

People need to do away with their uncertainties. For instance, you cannot multitask when it comes to a serious and fulfilling career. Also, you should not switch your careers within a short span of time. It is risky for the development of your career and your personal growth as well. So, do not be engulfed in a space where you are skeptical about things and cannot reach certain conclusions. Be sure of what you want in life and then lunge in the career with full hope, expectations, and determination.

#7. Cultivate Joy

To have a fulfilling career, you need to be full of joy and high spirits. If you are not happy in life, you will make wrong decisions which would affect your life and career. You should enjoy things and see things as to what interests you. You can then decide to have a career in an area which suits you the best. The one which gives you happiness and gaiety is the perfect career. The ultimate end of a career is satisfaction and peace. So when you are looking for a career, see if it gives you contentment or not.

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You can have a fulfilling career when you enjoy what you do. You cannot put your foot forward towards anything and expect the results to be fruitful.

#8. Tackle Your Fears

Everyone has fears, we all have some phobia which we sometimes confess and sometimes do not. It must be kept in mind that fears drag us behind in the race of life. They restrict us from moving forward, if you give in to the general fears, you will wind up in a state of dilemma and ruin things. In order to have a fulfilling career, you need to take the fears head-in and tackle them as well. If you cannot overcome your fears, they will continue to haunt you and will stop you from realizing your happy and fulfilling dream of a career.

Once you make your mind and set a target to fight fears, you will become courageous and intrepid. You would be able to take decisions in a better way that will help you choose a good, fulfilling career.

#9. Have An Encouraging Set Of Friends

It is important to have a coterie of friends who inspire you, encourage you and motivate you. Friends who push you to attain something more in life are something to cherish forever. Stay in a social circle that prods you to achieve more. A positive set of friends can guide you to chase all good things in life so that you become successful and have a prospering career.

Friends can offer their suggestions to us which can come to our rescue. When it comes to having a fulfilling career, mostly our friends have similar experiences and more often than not, go through the same situation due to same age group.

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Hope you guys like the article. Do you have opinions on how to have a fulfilling career? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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Follow your value system in your personal and professional life. You will not regret it.

Examine you talents, your attributes and your affinities and develop an idea for entering a profession that you would enjoy.

Our existence and our mental universe are driven by factors that we as individuals inherit through the gene pool, as enhanced by our experiences in life.

In short we are most at peace when we are in sync with the personal value system that has evolved as a result of the above factors and when we are permitted to pursue our values in our personal and professional endeavors.

If we cannot achieve that harmony we will seek change.

Well, a fulfilling career is what everyone wants. If you want to ask my opinion, I feel that a happy career is a fulfilling career. I am a writer and I love my job. Since my teenage days I wanted to have a career in writing. I love playing with and on words. I wanted to weave my thoughts and put it on a page for people to read it. I pursued what I loved. You should never go for a career you have no interest in. It will leave you sad and gloomy. So do things that you are interested in. Some parents force their children to do things as per their taste and interest. This is ridiculous and unfair. If you are ever stuck in such a dilemma, just oppose your parents and their opinions straightaway for the sake of your future and happiness. No one has the right to decide about your future, especially career which is so damn important. So do not think how others will interpret you or think of you, do things in your own right and the things which make you satisfied. If you take up a career that has got nothing do with your interest and happiness, your life will be ruined, out and out. You ought to make decisions that are meaningful and logical. What if you choose a career which is a waste of time? It will rob off your inner peace and joy. You will feel asphyxiated in such a career and it will take a toll on your life. You should not bear the brunt of things that are not made for you. You are mature enough when you are at the stage of choosing a career. Do not do anything under peer pressure or parental advice. Listen to everyone and consider all the pointers and suggestions but do not give in to anyone’s wish or desire. You have to create your own path which you will tread and no one else is going to do it for you. Therefore, mull over it carefully and patiently without any haste. My career has given me immense joy and peace. I do not think about any other profession even for a bit. It is no use being under a guilt after ten or twenty years. What if I did this before ten years? – do not create this situation which force you to think such a thing. Do not let your environment affect you and be your own guide but with the aid of others who you value and respect. Avoid meaningless views and opinions and do what your heart says. Do not run after money, you can earn money in a different career as well. The peace and contentment plays a great role in life. It is futile to have pots of gold but lot of regrets and tension in life. We can adjust with less money, life has taught us a lot but adjusting with a career which we do not like is bizarre and wrong.

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