You should definitely quit your job if…

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You should definitely quit your job if…

As an employed staff, we spend the entire day in our workplace. It is just the early morning, late evening and night time that we are at our home. As most of the day time is spent in the office, the work atmosphere needs to be definitely comfortable.


I personally feel that there is no point continuing with a job which is in a non-friendly irritable surrounding. So here are some of the reasons when a person can think about quitting the job. They are:

1. No respect

Even a small child would want to be treated with some respect, therefore as a grownup educated adult, it is normal to expect some fair treatment with basic respect. If that is missing, quitting the job can be considered.


2. Harassment

Being harassed can be either physical or mental. Both sexual and mental torture can be looked up as a serious offence made by the person or people responsible for it.

This needs to be taken care of immediately by either complaining to the boss or trying to chalk it out with the person responsible for it. In both cases, if it does not work out, quitting is the best option.


3. Jealousy

We have so many varieties of men and women around us and in that one important group would always be jealous of others, especially if we are working so well. Due to this attitude, they could spread shameful rumors about us, which could put us in an embarrassing position forcing us to quit.


4. Denied promotions and/or hike

There are bosses who would not encourage their staff and would want to put them down so that they would not be eligible for a promotion and henceforth an increase in their salary.


5. Discrimination

This is an even more serious offense of ill treatment which is due to the gender, color, age, religion, etc.


If one is treated badly in the workplace, immediately take an initiative and do not continue working in such a place as that would affect our peace of mind and make us fall sick mentally and physically.

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