Why Blockchain Specialist Are Going For Blockchain Certifications?

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Why Blockchain Specialist Are Going For Blockchain Certifications?

Blockchain technology has been the buzzword in the world of techies and as we all know techies thrive on updated skills, qualifications and of course certifications. It is no surprise that blockchain specialists who want to make it big in the field of blockchain technologies are opting for blockchain certifications to succeed in their careers and jobs.

Importance Of Blockchain Certifications   

You must be aware that certifications are a third party validation of your skills and qualifications. So if you are planning to become a blockchain specialist, then you need to gain blockchain certifications. Here we have enlisted some of the renowned and reputed certification bodies offering blockchain certifications that would help you start a lucrative career as a professional.

1.    Edureka: Edureka offers a comprehensive course in blockchain technology and all the tools used and required to become a blockchain professional. You need to complete the course to become a certified professional. The course covers all the basics related to blockchain right from cryptocurrency and blockchain to Ethereum and hyperledger among other things.

2.    Imarticus: Imarticus offers a detailed course in blockchain and you are eligible for certification post the completion of the course. It offers  a detailed course in blockchain that covers all the basic and the necessary tools. You become eligible for the certification post the completion of the course.

3.   CBC America: CBC America or Central Blockchain Council Of America is another blockchain certification institute that offers blockchain certifications. CBC America also offers detailed course in blockchain technology along with certifications in blockchain.

4.    Udemy Blockchain certifications: Udemy offers certification in bitcoin professional and have a criterion to finish the course to apply for certification. The course covers everything from the basic of bitcoins to how to become a blockchain professional.

If you are a blockchain enthusiasts, then along with certifications do give your career a boost with internships and upgradation of your skills.   

What Are The Skills Required To Become A Blockchain Specialist?

Before we talk about skills and responsibilities of a blockchain specialist, let’s understand that a Blockchain specialist is an individual who has been identified as a certified blockchain professional and possesses a deep knowledge of blockchain. He knows even the minutest details that are related to blockchain and uses that knowledge to further create blockchain-based applications for organizations.

So if you want to become a blockchain specialist, then you should know that a blockchain specialist should be a developer first because as a developer you would be able to think about breaking the problem logically and quantifying the data. You should be adept at the programing tools like OOPs, procedural language, flat and relational database should be on your fingertips and you should be thorough with them.

Apart from that, you should also have a thorough understanding about Data Structures including Stack, Queues, LinkedList, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps, and also be thorough with the time and resource complexity of data structure querying if you want to become a successful blockchain specialist.

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