How Blockchain and IoT are related to mobile app development?

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When we consider Blockchain and IoT technologies, there emerges an interesting vision for future as they can bring revolution in mobile app development world.

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App developers can adopt blockchain to create a new generation of mobile applications that are not only decentralized in nature but also designed to function on the blockchain. Today, app developers are successfully integrating mobile app development with blockchain technology (though in an unnoticeable manner) to meet up to the demands of mobile users. Basically, they simply use the blockchain technology to run operations in the background of the application they’re developing. Depending on the functionality level of the app that they are developing, developers will need to choose a suitable blockchain platform to build an app on. This could include Hyperledge, Quorum, IOTA, Multichain, Ethereum, etc.

IoT is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of use and the convenience it can offer. It is driving innovation & connectivity. With the fast-growing trend of connecting all sorts of physical devices to the internet and using a smartphone to control and monitor these devices, IoT has entered the market at just the right time - an age where simplification and ease of use rules business decisions.

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