what are the latest android in AR?

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what are the latest android in AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) has for long been a futuristic concept in the minds of the human race while in fact it has been around for several years. The very fundamental premise of augmented reality is to super impose digital content on top of our reality. Aside from its good looks, AR provides a host of features that can be extremely beneficial to the masses and for this exact same reason there exists several augmented reality apps in India which are extremely diverse in nature. Today let’s look at the latest android apps in Augmented Reality


We were all drawers at one point in our life, if you cant remember when that was in your life it was when you used your house walls as canvas. SketchAR will project the image that we want to draw onto the paper, thereby allowing you to trace around the lines. All you need to do is hold the phone in one hand and draw with the other.


UniteAR is an Augmented Reality platform designed especially to innovate. It gives the users the complete AR experience by incorporating the same into all walks of life. They have the privilege to create their own AR content to innovate and use it as they please. Expressing AR in your own way is what Unite AR aims to achieve.


The ideal app to share secrets. Just point to an empty wall or any blank location and write your secret message down, now the only people who can know the message are the ones with whom you’ve shared your message, and those who stand in the same location with the app active. No random passerby will ever even know about the existence of the message.


For all those body art lovers, there couldn’t possibly be a better app. Ink Hunter allows you to try out premade or original design tattoos on your body without actually going under the needle. It also allows every possible orientation as well.


Holo is one of those apps that you get hooked on to. It creates a hologram of characters or objects into the real world and makes for creative images and selfies.


was Google’s entry into the gaming world where it splits the registered users into two factions and let them play a very interactive and highly addictive digital version of the giant game of ‘King of the Hill’.


This app is for the Space Junkies and the NASA enthusiasts. Just open the app and point it to the night sky and it will lay in front of you the names of all the constellations, stars, planets and satellites. It even points out to the International Space Station.


This app is more suited for the children rather than us adults. Quiver brings the 2D models of children’s coloring books to life. The app is not limited to specific books any drawing can be animated, the only premise is that the entirety of the page is viewable within their smartphone camera’s peripheral. The app also adds its own music and also allows zooming in to the visuals.


An app that has become extremely popular in US, UK and parts of Canada shows you the recent crime activities that have occurred in the area and how frequent they are. It shows you the media coverage of the events and newspaper clippings (if any). The crimes extend from simple theft and mugging to murder and assault.

The one thing that is for certain is that once augmented reality gets into your smart phones and you start viewing the world under a new reality. There is simply no going back.

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