What is the new Software AR Core used for?

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What is the new Software AR Core used for?

I have recently bought my new android phone. This software which has recently been launched for Android devices has grabbed my attention. I want to use this technology on my phone but I am not sure if this can provide me with the right kind of assistance and should I even have this on my phone.

Could you please guide me with the features and it uses. Comment on the box below to leave your responses.

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Answers (4)

ARcore is a much better version of this kit. it might be beneficial for the android users.

AR Core is just a superior version of ARKit that is made by Google and is their competitor to the Apple's version. 

I have also been looking for some help regarding the use of this software.

ARCore is Google's answer to ARKit, Apple's software development kit for creating augmented reality (AR) applications. It's also the heir to Google's Tango SDK, which was designed for creating AR applications on specialized hardware with sensors for measuring depth.

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