How to Take 360 Degree Photos using Facebook?

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How to Take 360 Degree Photos using Facebook?

Ever since its inception back in 2004, Facebook has been synonymous with evolution and revolution. It has changed the way we use and spend our time on the internet.

There have been several breakthroughs in the social network that is used by billions of users every day. And the most recent of those revolutionary breakthroughs is the ability to capture and share 360-degree photos without any equipment.

In this article, we discuss everything about 360 photos and how you can use the Facebook mobile app to capture and share 360 photos. Take a look:

What Are 360 Photos?

We all are familiar with the iconic panorama photos that enabled us to shoot a large landscape by simply panning our phones across the length of the subject. While panorama shots are linear in nature, 360 photos let you look around in multiple directions, i.e., you can look at a certain subject not only linearly, but across four different axes. Just like the name suggests, 360 photos capture a subject from 360 degrees.

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This is widely in use ever since the concept of Virtual Reality broke through as VR coupled with 360 photos or videos to give users the ability to immerse in a virtual experience. It was only a matter of time that Facebook started incorporating this revolutionary way of looking at things.

You can use the Facebook mobile app to capture and share 360 photos. You can even use these 360 photos as your cover image on Facebook. Let’s see how you can do it.

How To Take 360 Degree Photos Using Facebook?

Facebook has been one of the biggest supporters of 360 photos and videos and has rolled out updates to its mobile app that supports this format. 360 photos generally require a professional gear to shoot, but Facebook’s app makes it possible to capture 360 photos without any gear. Here’s how:

#1. Open Facebook app on your Android or iOS mobile. There you’ll find an option of 360 photos on the top of your News Feed. It is in the same space where you can update your status.

#2. Tap the 360 Photo option, and that will take you to your camera interface. However, you’ll see a few animations that are there to help you in panning across your shot. Simply follow the axis that shows up in the animation.

(Image Courtesy: Facebook Newsroom)

#3. After you have successfully panned across, you can select a preferred ‘starting point’ which will show up as the thumbnail in Facebook’s new feed. Once you’ve done that, you can share the 360 photos with your friends.

Facebook also allows its users to use 360 photos as a cover image and it is the first time that Facebook has added a new option for the cover images. So, you can use 360 photos as your profile’s cover image to make your account look more immersive and engaging.

So, there you have it. All you had to know about 360 photos and how you can capture and share 360 photos on Facebook. If you found this article informative, let us know in the comments below.

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It is easy to click a panorama picture on Facebook. It is as easy as clicking the pictures on the cell phone. You just have to open the ‘Facebook’ Application. After that you need to click on the ‘Photo’ option. Whilst clicking, you can see two options coming up which says, ‘Upload from Camera’ or ‘Upload from Photos’. You can click on the ‘Upload from Camera’ and then click a panorama by holding the camera button. This helps you to take a 360 degree photo. Furthermore, you can add it instantly on the wall. Tada! Your 360 degree photo using Facebook is ready!!

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