Startling number of people rely on Social Media for News

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Startling number of people rely on Social Media for News

It is a fact that plenty of people, especially the young people completely rely on social media for news. This is primarily because people are too busy with their hectic schedule. Moreover, people are addicted to social media.

Trends on Twitter and Facebook
Whenever something happens in the country or anywhere in the world, we can spot a new Twitter trend. Since today’s generation is extremely active on Twitter, they click the Twitter Trend and get the news.

Getting news today is so easy and fast. You don’t have to wait for the next day’s newspaper or the news at night. Within a few minutes, the incident will trend so much on Twitter and Facebook that anyone using these platforms frequently will be aware of the news.

The good side
The good side of it is that people are aware of what is happening in the country and around the world. They are not ignorant. Also, the visuals, data, articles and charts help people to understand the news better. The news is often provided with a link that people can click and read the entire article. So, people are always well informed.

The bad side
All news on social media is not true. Some are just rumors. This can result in unnecessary panic, confusion and tension.

Most people who rely on social media for news do not blindly believe in anything they see. They often check the authenticity of the person who has posted the news if it is on Facebook. If it on twitter, they check for news articles.

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I prefer the newspaper--and I mean in print.

Yes, nowadays people rely and refer social media more for getting updated with whats trending in the market. I don't think its wrong until you don't trust the rumors posted in the social media app.

I agree with you.

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