Why Is Social Media Such an Important Part of a Marketing Strategy?

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I want to know why social media is important in implementing the marketing strategy for my business,?

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Currently, social media is an important part to any marketing strategy. Social media helps increase your search engine visibility through external links from your social posts to your website. It also helps you to extend and interact with larger audience than any traditional form of marketing would give you.

It could be multiple reasons. I am going to explain you in 4 points. Lets discuss!

1.  Social media is increase your brand awareness. 

2.  Social media has a variety of aspects whether it is SEO, SEM, SMO and other parts. All are used to generate huge traffic on the website.

3. As you know,  increase in the website traffic means there would be a conversion that you make while doing promotion of your post.

4.  Adding to that, if your content is intriguing and fresh. There would be huge number of people engage with your content.

5. social media increase visibility of your brand among people.

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