Has social media become a new form of a cult?

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A cult by definition is a popular figure when referring to a person i.e. the cult of Indiana Jones or a craze that people just cannot seem to get out of i.e. a fashion trend attaining the status of a cult in a particular area that all the people follow. Everyone is connected no one is alone and people spend their whole lives on social media. The internet, social media specifically, has become a new form of a cult. Everyone in the world is connected and no one is truly alone anymore. We are engrossed all the time in something or the other and want no piece of information to escape our mind as we are slowly becoming of the outlook that information and getting the information first alone determines success today. FOMO is a concept that is born out of our addiction to social media and there are people who deceive themselves that the written word controls them and they should not do anything to get criticized or rebuked over and think ten times before doing something. More and more people consume the face book feed more than their calorie intake and there is nothing wrong with it as there are more opportunities to learn and plan than ever before yet there is no denying that we are hooked on it because we are addicted to using it and are responsible for its boom.

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