What to do if your Partner Shuts you Out on Social Media?

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What to do if your Partner Shuts you Out on Social Media?

When people are in a relationship, it seems to them as perhaps the most beautiful thing on the planet. Couples picture their lives with each other and start believing in the fact that what is between them will always last.

While for most of the couples out there, that is indeed the case, not all of them are as lucky. We know the wrath a breakup brings in its stride. When a couple decides to call off a relationship, it is seldom a pretty sight.

However, as we all know that no two people in a relationship take a break up the same way. Mutual breakups are not a common notion after all. What is often the case is the fact that while one person feels liberated following a breakup, the other is always stuck between the heartbreak and the memories. But, what if there is no love present between two people and they still decide to stay with each other? What if one of them shuts the other out on social media?

There are millions of stories online where you can see people saying that their partners blocked them all social media sites. What makes the situation even complicated is the fact that nothing seemed to be going wrong between the two. When someone blocks his/her partner on social media, they often cite the reason that their partner is too jealous of them. But, has anyone ever wondered if that is indeed the case?

We set out on the quest to uncover the truth behind this. Why do people, who are in relationships, decide to block their partners on social media? And more importantly, what to do if your partner shuts you out on social media? This is what we found out:

#1. Expectations

When the two people are involved in a romantic relationship have different expectations from each other, it complicates a lot of things. If you expect a long-term relationship and your partner is unable to commit towards a long-term future, then the two of you clearly have different expectations from your relationship. And when that is the case, it might lead to one of you to take a drastic step in order to send a message to the other to lower their expectations.

When two people are in a different place in a relationship, and if you happen to be the one who is more invested in it, your partner might block you on social media in order to have their own life beyond your relationship. If you guys happen to have different expectations from your relationship and if that is why you were blocked by them on social media, then you should just back off from the situation. Don’t make a big deal out of it for a while. Ease the pressure down from your partner and give them some space. If they still don’t unblock you, well, you don’t mean much to them.

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#2. Establish Clear Boundaries

Like we discussed above, it is very natural that two people want different things from a relationship. But unfortunately, that is not good for the longevity of the relationship. There should always be parity between the two people involved in a relationship. If for instance, everything is going well in your relationship and your partner has still blocked you, then it is not a big deal. He/she might have blocked you for several different reasons. You can always talk to your partner and ask them the reason for it, but you should certainly not take it as the end of your relationship.

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However, if it is a big deal for you, then you have to confront your partner. It is important to find common ground in a relationship. What is even more important is that two people know what’s going on each other’s minds. You need to understand that you need to address your problems to your partner before making wild assumptions. If being blocked on social media haunts you, raise the issue and try to understand why they did that in the first place.

#3. Trust

More than love, trust is the foundation of a strong and long-lasting relationship. Take this for instance: if your partner tells that they blocked you because they don’t want their family to know about you right now, how would you take it? Would you believe it in the first place? And if you do believe it, would you be able to understand their point? It takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work. The road is certainly long and tough, and you really have to keep up with the hurdles that you encounter en route.

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Trust is a key factor in relationships. If your partner has blocked you on social media for a particular reason, just believe them. Unless they have intentions of quitting the relationship or are secretly seeing someone else, they have no other reason to lie to you. So, in short, trust what they tell you and give them some time. Love them the way you do, and you’ll soon see that things will get better.

#4. Relationship Bumps

Like we discussed above, the road to ultimate glory is full of obstacles. So before you have a relationship that lasted a lifetime, you will have to face a lot of lows. But, you need to understand that all these bumps in a relationship are only natural and can happen to anyone. Every long-term relationship has been through some extremely low points, and that is perhaps the greatest test that two people have to pass as couples.

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But, before you do that, you always have to introspect. You need to know the amount of trust you have on your partner. If ever you feel that your partner is trying to hide something from you, you need to talk to them and ask them why right away. But, if things aren’t that severe, you can take it easy. Time heals most things, and this too shall pass.

#5. Moving On

If you guys had decided that it was unethical to see other people while you’re together and if you feel that your partner is violating that norm, it is time to reconsider a lot of things. Starting right from the love, to the amount of trust, you have to reconsider everything. If you have been blocked on social media by your partner, it might imply that they are living a different life online which they don’t want you to be a part of. Perhaps they are actually being flirtatious or have started seeing someone altogether.

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It all boils down to introspection and being in constant dialogue with your partner. If you’re a woman reading this, then remember that a relationship should make you feel safe and secure. While there will be tough times, your partner should ensure that those two things never change. If it has been long since your partner hasn’t unblocked you despite your attempts to talk and understand why it is indeed time to pack your bags and move on. Try looking at the bright side of things. Appreciate the fact that you got out of a toxic relationship where your partner was being an absolute jerk. Appreciate a plethora of opportunities that you have to explore. Appreciate a life with a few things less to care about. Appreciate being alive, and smiling.

Nothing is worse than a partner who lies to you at every opportunity and keeps you in the dark. But, it is important to trust your partner too. That’s what makes relationships complicated. If your partner blocked you on social media, there can be a number of different reasons behind that. While infidelity is definitely one of them, it is not the only one. So, before you make a call, introspect and decide. If you found this article informative, let us know in the comments below.

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