What Makes Instagram the Best Tool for Marketing?

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What Makes Instagram the Best Tool for Marketing?

It is not a surprise anymore that both the big as well as small brands have started replacing the traditional methods of marketing with the newest craze, which is known as social media marketing. Unlike the various other techniques that the marketers use, this is the one that is going to be here for a really long time. Marketers are making use of Instagram for promoting their products and services. They are also capable of tracking their campaigns with the help of the analytics systems of Instagram. This permits them to understand their engagement, ROI, and success.

Consider the reasons that are listed below and you will understand why Instagram is the best marketing tool currently.

Instagram has many users

According to various reports published in the year 2017, the monthly users who are active on Instagram have reached up to 800 million, which is a lot more than Twitter. The growth has just started and it is not going to slow down anytime now.

Instagram displays the content effectively

The interface of Instagram is streamlined and simple, in comparison to the different other social media platforms. Instagram has allowed the brands to display their brand message and tone freely with the help of the photos that they upload along with the accompanying caption. It is true that you can do it on other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter as well.

However, it is important to remember that when you are using Facebook, you will get a number of other irrelevant photos, sidebars, links, or tabs, which will distract your attention from the posts that you actually want to see. Instagram has allowed the influencers and brands to create unique content, which helps in reflecting their personality.

Active Instagram users

As per various studies, it has been revealed that the Instagram users are more likely to comment and share a particular post compared to the Facebook or Twitter users. This is extremely important because when you are posting content in the vast open space of social media, you actually want the users to play with it. This helps in gaining publicity and can build the identity of your brand.

The more you are capable of reaching more people, the more are the chances of getting revenue for your business. It is useless to post in that space where you will hardly get any engagement and the users are dormant. You can also get Instagram likes from real users by visiting stormlikes.com.

Users spend a maximum of their time on Instagram

Marketers are willing to advertise their products in places where their customers will be present. Instagram is undoubtedly the best place because the users are spending almost 9 to 12 hours each day on Instagram. Furthermore, interesting new features have made Instagram even more popular. For instance, Instagram stories are one of the main reasons as to why users love spending more time on Instagram.


If you are already a part of the social media crowd, or you are starting a business, you should consider Instagram to be the primary squeeze. Instagram is growing at a huge rate, and you can help your brand grow rapidly as well.

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