Best Tools that Help in Embedding Instagram Feed in Your Web Design

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Best Tools that Help in Embedding Instagram Feed in Your Web Design

Instagram is a well-known photo-sharing app and a social media platform for marketing your brands. With its growing popularity, many users/businesses have started downloading their favorite Instagram posts, and even they are thinking about effectively embedding their Instagram’s timeline seamlessly into their websites. Here are a few effective tools that help in embedding your Instagram feed into your website design seamlessly.

Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram developers provide the capability of embedding the feed successfully and separating the picture posts on your website and especially to the WordPress account present on your official website. Examine the meticulous tutorial on the effective way of embedding your feed into your website via Instagram.


Instush is supposed to be a really handy tool that boasts a host of distinctive features for all active Instagram users. You could consider creating wallpapers using Instagram pictures for your screen. Moreover, thanks to Instush you could choose pictures not just from your feed but also from specific accounts, hashtags, and even liked pictures. You could learn how one could do photo embedding using this tool by going through their useful tutorial. You must keep in mind that your Instagram account has to be public for publishing your Instagram gallery.


Snapwidget is extremely popular because it offers several mind-blowing widgets and each one of them would be different from one another in terms of both designs and distinctive features. You would come across widgets that facilitate adding pictures location map, filtering by username, generating an impressive slideshow using picked pictures, making a nice scrolling header and several other options to embed from Instagram. You must consider using Snapwidget if you are interested in choosing from a host of chic and interactive variants.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram could actually be of immense help in terms of embedding your Instagram feed or post into the specific web design of your official website. Some individuals may ultimately make their Instagram account private or maybe they would be deleting some important photos that you have embedded. This would be giving your widget a reasonably bad look. The deleted pictures from your private account will not vanish from the 4K Stogram Feed. This is supposed to be comparatively a hardcore choice; however, you could consider creating a collage of all your favorite pictures you wish to visualize on your site without any excess information such as the number of comments, username, and the number of followers for Instagram etc.


Juicer is supposed to be a brilliant tool for embedding your Instagram feed or post directly into the existing web design of your official website. Thanks to this service, you would not encounter any need for updating the embedded codes. Juicer would be automatically uploading and embedding new Instagram posts. You are now enjoying the liberty of easily deleting posts. Juicer is a sophisticated and minimalistic package.


Instagram is a hugely popular application that is increasing its engagement and overall reaches constantly. Since Instagram is the most popular social networking site, users would really be interested in Instagram pictures or even viewing the stunning feed online. You must necessarily consider using these effective tools for successfully embedding gorgeous Instagram feed into your unique web design.

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