Two Essential Elements to Consider When Marketing on Instagram

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Two Essential Elements to Consider When Marketing on Instagram

With more than 500 million users, 300 million of who post approximately 95 million images and clips on a daily basis, Instagram continues to be among the most popular social media sites. Those are a lot of people. And you can be certain that your target audience makes up part of that population, regardless of gender, age, race, etc.

If you haven’t yet set up a profile on Instagram for your brand, then it’s about time you did just that. And if you already have an account but it’s not getting you the results you were hoping for, it’s time to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. To market your brand effectively on the photo and video sharing platform, you have to stand out from the plethora of posts.

An effective Instagram marketing strategy involves more than just posting some pleasant-looking photos. To succeed, you also need a clear plan, to post often, a good rapport with your audience, and a well-defined visual style. With all these elements in place, your brand will get great results on Instagram.

Have clear goals for your Instagram marketing strategy

Whether you are a beginner getting ready to set up an account or an experience social media marketer looking to use the platform more effectively, it is imperative that you have well-defined goals for your Instagram marketing.

It is from these goals that you will formulate your Instagram marketing strategy and generate content that will help you achieve your goals. Common Instagram marketing goals for businesses include:

• Expanding the fan base through tools such as Like4Like

• Exhibiting products/services

• Promote the business’s values and culture

• Increasing brand awareness

• Boosting brand loyalty

• Advertising

• Broadcasting company news/updates

Focus on one or two goals from the above for your brand’s Instagram profile, or come up with your own unique goals. A good way of coming up with your own goals is asking yourself:

• What you’re hoping to get from Instagram

• How Instagram ties into your brand’s whole marketing strategy

• How much resources (money and time) you’re willing to invest in Instagram

• What unique marketing value Instagram has that other social media sites don’t

Coming up with a strategy for posting on Instagram

Interesting, compelling content should be the mainstay of your Instagram marketing strategy. After setting up a good profile, the next question on your mind might be, “What should I post about?” In answering this question, decide on the type of content you’ll be posting on the site before you decide on a visual style.

Your merchandise will obviously form a huge, if not the main, part of your content. Alternatively, you could focus on your company culture and building your online community. The choice will be determined by the goals you had set at the very beginning.

For example, an effective Instagram marketing strategy that you might consider employing is posting top-quality content with the purpose of cultivating brand awareness. A good secondary goal might be to create a deeper connection between you and the members of your online community.

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