How to Hide your Facebook Friend List from Others?

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How to Hide your Facebook Friend List from Others?

Privacy is one of the major concerns on social media. It gets quite unsafe when your important details are visible to everyone out there. However, social media platforms like Facebook have come up with advanced settings which ensure your privacy and safety. These privacy options even enable you to hide your friend list.

When your friend list is visible to the public, it might bring in unnecessary trouble to your friends as anyone can have an access to their profiles. In order to avoid the trouble, here is your guide on how to hide Facebook friend list and ensure a high level of privacy.

How To Hide Facebook Friend List?

#1. Go To Your Timeline

In order to hide your Facebook friend list from others, the first and the foremost thing you are required to do is, log in using your Facebook ID and Password and go to your timeline or profile.

Go To Your Timeline ON FACEBOOK

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#2. Click On Friends

After you have reached your timeline, you need to find and click the option of ‘friends.' This will take you to your Facebook friend list. You can find the option right under your cover image on your Facebook timeline.

#3. Manage And Edit

Now that you have been directed to your friend list, all you need to do it go to the top right corner of the section and click the option which says ‘Manage’. It is currently marked by a pencil symbol. Thereafter, you will find a drop- down menu with a single option of ‘edit privacy’.

How to Hide your Facebook Friend List from Others?

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#4. Who Can See Your Friend List?

As you click the option of edit privacy, a box will pop up. Have a look at the section which says friend list. Here, you can manage who can see your friend list. If it shows ‘public’ or ‘friends’ alongside this section, all you need to do is to click on it, find the drop-down menu, and change the settings.

#5. Only Me

You can change the settings from ‘public’ or ‘friends’ to ‘only me’ in order to increase the privacy of your Facebook account and to hide your friend list. Here, you can also customize the visibility of your Facebook friend list by choosing a few reliable people who will be able to see it.

only me can see my friends on facebook

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