7 Awesome Perks Of Working At Facebook

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7 Awesome Perks Of Working At Facebook

Given an opportunity, would you like to work for Facebook? Who would say no to such an amazing offer to work with a company that is leading in the world of social media? But if we consider that a person is not aware of what the company does (although the chances of which is really low),  the perks offered by the company are so awesome that it's hard to say no to the organization.

Are you aware of some of these amazing perks that are being offered by Facebook as a company to its employees? Check it out!

#1. New Baby Benefits

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For all new parents, this could be the ideal company to work for after having a baby. According to an employee on one of the Quora discussions, it stated that the firm not only extends monetary benefits such as $4000 to the new parents but even allows the parents to take four months off during the first year of the baby to take care of the little bundle of joy. Now, that's an exciting incentive!

#2. Free Access To Equipment Vending Machine

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Another employee on the same thread of Quora said that unlike other offices where one has to file an application for a new IT equipment, along with a clarification on what happened to the one already issued to them, Facebook has installed a free vending machine where employees can swipe their badges and avail free IT equipment. Machines such as keyboards, headphones, USB memory sticks and others are well-stocked in it. Isn't this cool?

#3. There's No Bar On Vacation

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While most companies in America offer a two-week vacation followed by certain months of rigorous work before you become vacation-eligible again, according to an entry on Glassdoors by an employee, Facebook owns no such policy. The company follows 21-day vacation policy along with unlimited sick leaves. But who would want to skip going to such a cool place?

#4. A Day Full Of Fun And Games

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From Dodge-ball, kickball to rock-paper-scissor and more, an employee on Quora thread says there is one particular day on the calendar of the company that is marked for games. On that day, the company hires a community park and sends all its employee for a day excursion to play and indulge in sports. How thoughtful, Mr. Zuckerberg!

#5. Free Food For All

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While other leading companies offer coffee, tea, and goodies as a part of their daily routine, Facebook provides food to all its employees. If we believe the entry made on Glassdoors by an employee, from burgers, fries to special treats for vegetarians, the menu designed at the company covers most of it. For those who love to eat, this is the place where you belong!

#6. Birthday Special

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The maximum that any company does to celebrate an employee's birthday is by collecting all the people present in the company during lunch hour and cut a cake while all sing aloud to the tunes of the Happy Birthday song. To break away from the monotony, Facebook introduced a new way to bring in the special day of the employee. An employee on a Quora thread said that along with the cake, birthday presents are gifted to the employee to make them feel special and a part of the company. It makes us wonder what the gift may be!

#7. Personal Interaction With Mark Zuckerberg

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Leaving all the other perks aside, this experience to meet the man behind Facebook is soo exciting and enthralling that it makes Facebook one of the best companies to work for. In one of the Quora threads, an employee discloses the company's policy of direct interaction with the founder and arranges a weekly feedback meeting with top executives and other employees to engage in a conversation with the founder and address the problem with him. Now, that would be worth an experience, don't you think so!

If you are aware of more perks that are being offered to the employees in the company, feel to write it down in the box below. We would love to hear from you!

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