What are the signs to know that it's time to leave the current company and move on?

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What are the signs to know that it's time to leave the current company and move on?

Do you drag yourself to work every day? Is quitting on your mind? Is it consuming your energy at work? How to take the litmus test?

9 tell-tale signs reveal that you’re ready to quit: 

You dislike the boss

Bad managers are the #1 and acceptable reason for employees to quit their job. 

You don’t have a good work-life balance 

There isn’t one-size-fits-all approach, but a happier, productive, and a balanced life is essential. 

Work related stress is taking a toll on your health 

Overworking, workplace aggression, anxiety, and depression can lead to serious health problems if ignored.  

You’re bored all the time and stagnating at work

If you’ve lost joy in doing what you do at work, if you aren’t learning anything new then it might be time to leave. 

There are regular restructuring and layoffs 

If your company is regularly restructuring and laying off employees, then this is a sign of turbulence.  

Your skills are not being tapped

Are you no longer a part of key meetings and projects? The answer lies is in the question raised. 

Harassment at the workplace  

Unwelcome verbal, non-verbal or physical behavioral advances are unacceptable at any workplace and should be dealt with firmly. 

Your company is sinking 

Even though you’ve spent a considerable number of years working with a specific company, there is no need to sink along with the company. 

It feels like it’s time to move on 

At the end of the day - your gut is your best judgment. Beyond all these warning signs your inner voice will always lead you in the right direction. 

If you no longer find joy in your job, take the plunge and design an exit strategy. 


Contrary to the common belief, I don’t think that following are the valid reasons/ signs to leave the current company:

You have a bad boss

You are stressed due to work pressure

You don’t have challenging work and you are bored

You are facing harrassment at workplace

You don’t have worklife balance

If you are facing any of the above situations or challenges then DO NOT LEAVE your job. All of these situations can be fixed. There is always a work around to get rid of a bad boss. There is always a process to report harassment. There is definitely a way to manage your worklife balance and get rid of work pressure and stress. Last but not the least if you are bored that means that you are probably sitting on a pile of opportunity - it is just a matter of reaching out to the right people with right intentions and engage in skill upgrade and/ or innovation.

Now coming to the point. Following are the signs that indicate moving on is on the cards… 

You are not getting the deserved growth/ the management does not have a career growth plan for you.

You have salary issues/ expectations which have NOT been fixed for years now and you truly believe that you deserve what you are asking for.

You do not get enough opportunities to learn and experiment/ innovate.

You are on the pool/ bench and not able to get a project assignment. If the company has a pool policy then you may want to quit before they ask you to leave.

You are reading negative signals due to the drastic changes in the company policy , values or in drastic changes in the the senior management.

When the revenues and profit continue to go south quarter over quarter without any obvious reasons.

When you see that the company is stagnant while the industry/ sector is making rapid growth.

Lastly, when your boss or HR has given you a direct or indirect indication that its time to leave.

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