10 Simple Social Skills That Will Make You Everyone's Best Friend

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10 Simple Social Skills That Will Make You Everyone's Best Friend

While some people are naturally likable, many struggle in this aspect. However, struggling at interacting with people and making friends does not mean that you cannot get better at it.struggle in this aspect. However, struggling at interacting with people and making friends does not mean that you cannot get better at it.

Social likeability is under your control and what matters the most is your emotional intelligence. We have summed up ten simple and most basic social skills that you can start following to become the most likable person in the room that you long to be.

#1. Make Eye Contact

This simple thing is perhaps the most impactful skill you can acquire, and you do not even need to indulge in long practice sessions. If you wish to hone your skills, you can start by standing in front of a mirror. Try making an eye contact while pretending to have a conversation. Make sure you remain inviting with your eyes and do not cross the line to become intimidating.

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#2. Smile

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of a smile. A smile denotes your happiness on meeting a person, and how engaged you are in a conversation. Through our sub-conscious mind, we tend to mirror the body language of the person we are with. Hence, to be likable, one should always showcase positive body language, so the other person reciprocates the same.

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#3. Remember Names

Doesn’t it feel great when someone who you met just once or twice remembers you by name? You suddenly start liking that person and a sense of belonging come into the relationship. If you have trouble remembering, try strategies like writing names down, or using imagery and words that rhyme with it.

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#4. Avoid Using Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is your biggest distraction. If you keep using it while the other person is making an attempt to converse, that person is going to end up believing that you are not interested. Furthermore, the smartphone will make it impossible to maintain a proper eye contact.

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#5. Shake Hands

Several types of research have shown that we decide whether we like someone or not within the first few seconds of meeting them. A firm handshake, which is not too tight and neither limp, contributes largely to the first impression we make on someone.

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#6. Listen

Many of us just pretend to listen and wait for our chance to speak. To be likable, pay attention to whatever the speaker is saying and respond wherever necessary. An active listener does not only comprehends whatever is being conveyed to him, but also remembers it and gives his input on the subject.

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#7. Flatter People with a Compliment

When you compliment someone, you speak directly to their ego. Hence, it can significantly improve the chances of that person liking you. Make them feel like an expert and needed. This is a win-win situation for both of you and works every time. But you don’t want to overdo it because then you will start to sound insincere.

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#8. Accept a Compliment Well

While most people learn how to praise quickly, they fail to understand the right way of accepting one, and often end up looking egotistical. An inappropriate reply to a praise affects your likability. A lame, ‘Thanks, you too’ may make you seem inappropriate. He humble and also respond with a smile. Additionally, remember to be confident.

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#9. If Someone Gets Interrupted, Ask Them to Continue

It can become awkward when the person telling a story gets interrupted and has to wonder if someone was even listening. At such times, be a liberator and kindly ask that person to continue. It would be even better if you can remind them the last thing they said and ask them to continue from there. This will tell them that you were in fact listening and not just helping them in an awkward moment.

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#10. Involve Everyone

When talking in a large group, make sure you do not miss out anyone. Maintain eye contact with each one of them even for a short period and make them feel like a part of the conversation. In case it appears that someone is attempting to say something but keeps getting interrupted, help them give their input.

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