The body language of attraction

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The body language of attraction

The Body Language of Attraction: Things You Should Know

Decoding the body language of attraction

The body language of attraction plays a vital part in the attraction process. A person’s body language accounts for more in human communication over speech. It is often the same for both men and women, which implies that learning how to decode the language of attraction is twice the advantage. It helps to know when a girl or a guy is interested in you, as well as teaches you what signals to give off to build attraction. To know further about these signs of attraction, how to identify and use them, read on.

Signs of body language attraction

Let’s take an ideal situation, a girl and a guy meeting each other for a date. The first thing to observe is the eye contact. If they make eye contact and lock each other’s gazes, it means they like each other. In case, any of the two looks away after the first gaze, it signals off the opposite. But, there still stands a chance of the two gelling up; let’s find out how. Eye contact and greetings are the first bases of the attraction game. The real game begins with the conversation. During the conversation, if the girl giggles or smiles, it denotes the confirmation of her liking him, and likewise, if the guy smiles back it shows that he likes her too. As the conversation progresses, you can look for small indications from each other like, she fiddling with her hair, crossing her legs to get comfortable, hand movements, tap on the wrist, arm or shoulder; all of these create an intimacy between the two. At this point, one can tell they both are opening up and are getting comfortable in each other’s intimacy zone.

The Signs: How can you tell?

Looking for signs can sometimes bring you in confusion. Here are the things you can take a note of:

1. Eye contact

Eye contact can be the major icebreaker. It is the first exploration into the language of attraction. Long eye contacts are an instant giveaway for showing interest in what you have to offer. But you have to be careful about turning your gaze into a stare. Anything to the extreme is always bad.

2. Touch

This one is the strongest declaration of attraction. It can be a playful hitting, a gentle touch, taps, or holding of hands. Men can also show their interest in a woman by using the power of touch. But touching a girl unnecessarily can leave her uncomfortable.

3. Hair Game

Yes, hair! It goes without a mention that how important the hair are for decoding the body language of attraction. This gesture is used by women when they are in a playful or flirtatious mood. They would flick their hair backward over the shoulder or move them away with hands to display their interest in the other.

4. The other positive signs of the body of attractions are leaning towards you, touching herself, smiling at you, sitting comfortably, polite talks, listening to your conversations, ignoring distractions, and much more. You will have to look for them. There can also be signs of boredom which signifies the lack of interest.

5. Also, remember to mark the first impressions through trends and style.

A successful date relies on the body language and observation. You must understand that all these signs occur without realization. Bringing the signs to notice can turn the game down in the wrong directions. The body signals should be unperformed. This way you can pay careful attention on how your body interacts with the general flow of conversations, and ensure a successful romantic coup of the century!

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