5 Famous People Who Are An Archetype Of Their Zodiac Sign

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5 Famous People Who Are An Archetype Of Their Zodiac Sign

Astrology being linked with one's profession and status is a matter of debate. What makes you successful depends upon the hard work you put into it, while it is also believed that astrology plays an important role. 

According to a study carried out by Dr. Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut, the day and month someone is born in, definitely determines whether they are likely to become a celebrity or not! Therefore, let's see what astrological/ zodiac signs do some of the richest and most successful people in the world fall into!

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#1. Steve Jobs

Zodiac - Pisces

Steven Paul Jobs is someone about whom the world knows. Being born and brought up in times of difficulty, Steve managed to make it big in the industry. From being put up for adoption to being a charismatic leader in the technology and business world, Steve Jobs built his legacy! He brought about a renaissance in the computation industry.

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Being a Piscean, he was true to his zodiac sign. The natives are well-known for being intuitive as well as creative. Such people have a natural ability for creating numerous success related opportunities. They do well in the world of business due to excellent communication skills and greater understanding towards what and how they want to achieve. Their powerful imagination and convincing vision lead them down the route of entrepreneurship similar to that of Steve Jobs!

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He was a perfect artist, a collaborator, inspiration, a motivator as well as the one who made even the complex seem simple. Jobs had the ability to turn mysteries into magic. What a Piscean!

#2. Bill Gates

Zodiac - Scorpio

A successful business leader, a philanthropist and a powerful entrepreneur, William Henry Bill Gates III is a man of worth! Falling under the zodiac category of Scorpio, he was super smart, wasn't at all hesitant about taking things to the next level along with being practical, down to earth and straight forward. 

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He is a man with an unusual and highly admirable character. Gates works tirelessly for improving the lives of other people through his philanthropic contributions. He is a billionaire, founder of Microsoft, a college dropout and an inspiring entrepreneur. All the qualities match with that of a Scorpio man - zealous, intense, competitive and confident!

#3. Ralph Lauren

Zodiac - Libra

Ralph Lauren, a renowned American fashion designer, and philanthropist is the founder of the multi-billion-dollar firm called the Ralph Lauren Corporation. He is one of the most prolific fashion designers of all times.

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Being a Libra native, he is classy, passionate about his life as well as a committed socialite. Such men have their unique brand of elegance! They always look perfect and maintain a never ending charm. They keep refinement in every task and are usually associated with fashion. A true Libran!

#4. Steven Spielberg

Zodiac - Sagittarius

All of the Spielberg’s production became a measuring stick by which the other greater mainstream movies have been measured. Steven Allan Spielberg is an American director, screenwriter, and producer who is considered as one of the establishing pioneers of the New Hollywood era. Being a Sagittarius personality, he is independent, sociable, adventurous and knows to endure life to its fullest. 

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Such men usually involve themselves in careers that demand wisdom as a fundamental aspect. They are sincere in whatever they take up, are foresighted and operate by the sides of logic. We can certainly relate all of those characteristics with Steven Speilberg's flicks. He is rich yet generous enough to spread that wealth amongst the other humans! With the intent to target the bull's eye, Steven Speilberg, a native of Sagittarius Zodiac made it to the top most personalities in the industry and has had a worthy career continuing even after four decades.

#5. Warren Buffett

Zodiac - Virgo

Warren Edward Buffett, an American business tycoon and amongst the most successful investors in the world is the second richest person in the United States as of March 2017. Falling under the category of Virgo Zodiac, Warren is a philanthropist, very peculiar about how things need to be and can easily find order even amidst chaos. Such men are intelligent, attentive, keep themselves busy with various pursuits, at times are overly critical, and Virgos are amongst the richest billionaires.

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It wasn't a surprise to find a majority of Virgo natives topping the list of Forbes World's Billionaires in the year 2006. These men are hardworking, resolute and detail-oriented. Their desire to achieve excellence is what makes them near-perfect!

Does your zodiac sign define you as a person too? Let us know in the comments below.

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