How Does Astrology Work?

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How Does Astrology Work?

Do you create your destiny or is it already written in the stars? Have you ever checked your horoscope to know how the day would be? Was it the same as mentioned in the prediction?

Astrology has been defined as the study of relative positions and movements of celestial bodies and determining their effect on the natural world and human affairs. It has been around since 2nd millennium BC and is deeply rooted in calendric systems that help predict seasonal shifts.

Several ancient cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Mayan have created elaborate systems to predict terrestrial events arising from astronomical events. Among the oldest astrological systems still in use, the Western Astrology traces its roots back to 19th century, when it traveled to the west from Mesopotamia.

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Astrology is based on the idea that stars and planets influence terrestrial events and human affairs with their position and movement. Therefore, by observing their movement, the future events can be predicted. It also takes into account the time of birth of an individual, studying the position of moon, sun, planets, and stars at that moment. Based on the little information, astrologers claim to rightly predict information on an individual’s mood, personality, and life in future.

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Astrology, especially horoscopes, is widely popular in the 21st century. A survey conducted in Britain, Canada, and the US concluded that about 25 percent adults in these three countries believed in the horoscope and more than 9 in every 10 knew what their zodiac sign was. The number is astounding because no science or scientific data is backing the belief even though several studies are carried out on the subject.

One research conducted by Peter Hartmann of the University of Western Australia and his associates on 4000 individuals found absolutely no link between personality and intelligence of a person and birth date. One famous experiment by Shawn Carlson, a renowned physicist and science writer, studied the accuracy of predictions made by 28 astrologers. This research can lead to the conclusion that the predictions made by the astrologers were only randomly correct. 

Though the facts are stacked up against astrology, the number of people who consider is to be science-based are increasing. While about 62 percent people conceded astrology to be a fluke in 2010, the number fell to 55 percent in just a matter of two years.

What do you think? Is it just a belief or there’s some reason behind it that science just hasn’t been able to prove yet? We love to hear from you, so tell us your opinions on the topic through your comments in the section below.

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It’s A Cheap Way To Earn Money

There is no science behind astrology, and scientists have, time and again, proven it to be false. it is just the way for scammers to rob people of their money by exploiting their spiritual beliefs. 

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