Amazing Places You Should Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Amazing Places You Should Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you are amongst those who begin their day looking at the stars, then you are at the right place! Not only does your daily dose of horoscope include astrological readings but you can also rely on it for choosing a perfect travel destination.

We bring you a trip guide for picking just the right vacation spot based on your zodiac signs. And even if you do not believe in astrology, there’s no harm in considering the ideas!

1. Aries (Ram) –> March 21st - April 19th

Pioneers – Straightforward – Courageous – Lookout for new challenges & adventures

The Aries native is correctly described in the above-mentioned traits, and this is what makes them enthusiasts who are high on energy as well as being “living in the moment” kind of personalities. What brings joy to an Aries person is not the money in the bank, but the money that helps transform into better experiences and widening smiles. So if you are an Arian traveler then pack your bags for exploring the villages and golden sandy beaches of the Bulgaria’s Black Sea or maybe the overwhelming city of Rome, otherwise a solo travel to Guatemala’s Tikal (in Central America) or New Zealand. You can keep moving in search of adventure and a new story to put forward.


(Image Courtesy: STA Travel)

2. Taurus (Bull) –> April 20th - May 20th

Tolerant – Feet Firmly Grounded – Responsible – Romantic

So the key to an ideal vacation for a Taurus native is to be comfortable and be pampered along with good food and a luxurious environment. Without skimping on the amenities that a Taurean enjoys Switzerland, Ireland, Cuba, French Vineyards, Cyprus and Venice can be the perfect choice for gourmet cooking and lavish lodging. Splurge and self-indulge on your holiday and appeal to your senses of aesthetics and refinement. We know a vacation means a lot to you so you can also consider going to Italy, England or maybe Paris. Plan as you do and let this be the ideal retreat.


(Image Courtesy: The Huffington Post)

3. Gemini (Twins) –> May 21st - June 20th

Variability – Happy Go Lucky – Adaptable – Unpredictable – Communicators

We know you won’t take the train when you can fly throughout the way. And the more a place has to offer, the better are the chances for a Gemini native to roam free. This is the reason big city life is appealing to you and London seems to be a good fit on your travel list. The wanderlust exudes in when you have an array to choose from. Thriving for vibrancy and adjusting to any way of life makes Berlin, Rome, Rio, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan great getaways. So for those pure academics, traveling to learn a thing or two is “your” point. It not only adds on to your large information sources but also enthralls you to travel more.


(Image Courtesy: Viator)

4. Cancer (Crab) –> June 21st - July 22st

Sensitive – Planners – Home Bodies – Do Not Prefer Changes

The Cancerian individuals are often conservative in their nature, but they also have an adventurous side making them a world traveler. If you are the one, then an ideal vacation for you will be a one with water. So opt for a bed-and-breakfast at the beautiful Amsterdam or a comfortable and secure getaway to Maldives, Fiji, Venice or Greece. And similar to your nature you would feel like visiting these destinations time and again.


(Image Courtesy: Tourist Destinations)

5. Leo (Lion) –> July 23rd - August 22nd

Enigmatic – Dynamic – Regal & Generous – Competitive – Nor a Scrooge neither Inactive

Leos have a naturally authoritative nature with their sense of superiority either in personal life or when it comes to traveling. Willing to splurge for absolute luxury is their nature. Hence, intelligent and capable Leos prefer to take a toll for destinations that are similar to their personality traits. A mix of isolated and unspecialized places are given a green signal from them – Beaches of Bali, Culture of Barcelona, Clubs of Los Angeles and Party Hopping at Ibiza. If you are a Leo traveler then getting your fiery energy out at the most fun, exciting and drool place is your kind of a vacation. And a place where your chances of getting noticed are greater takes an instant YES.


(Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor)

6. Virgo (Maiden) –> August 23rd - Sept. 22nd

Reliable – Diligent – Well Organised – Punctual – Independent – Harmonious

For a Virgo native, vacation isn’t just a holiday but something more that that! Such individuals are practical, intelligent and don’t want to travel for the sake of escaping the routine. They value all experiences of life hence cultural diversity, historical places, spirituality, adventure, bike tours, culinary delights, and markets; everything appeals them to take that break! Toulouse, Paris, Bolivia and Thailand are options that would offer you a detailed itinerary like how you want. Mr/Ms Perfectionist have a productive purpose for traveling and doing nothing just relaxing isn’t their approach.


(Image Courtesy: The Telegraph)

7. Libra (Scales)–> Sept. 23rd - October 22nd

Peaceful Angels – Devil’s Advocate – Balance Oriented – Strategic Decision Makers

Nobody enjoys life like a Libra! They are socialites but also procrastinators. They are balanced on the scales yet indecisive. Getting them move to the subsequent destination can at times be a little troublesome! Libra natives like to accurately plan their travel including leisure, sight-seeing, and adventure. So grouping with cluster packages is an ideal vacation idea for them. Librans get to choose from a variety of destinations ranging from England, Mexico, Italy, Gold Coast to Mauritius, Ireland and Denmark. If you are the one, go for hiking, boat/ cruise rides, family restaurants, shopping, enjoy picturesque locales or just anything that appeals you "according to your mood."


(Image Courtesy: VisitDenmark

8. Scorpio (Scorpion) –> October 23rd - Nov. 21st

Loyal – Carefree of What Others Think – Mysterious – Truthful

If you are a scorpion native, then you are of an intense and intriguing nature. So travel to you means fun and serious tours both taken at the same time. Not leaving behind the modern day comforts Indonesia, Tanzania, California, Nepal and South Africa would be ideal destinations. Traveling to a destination also means to make sure you immerse yourself in the cultures and come back as totally changed individuals. Scorpions look out for mentally stimulating vacation ideas where they can also get inspired and go off the grid.

South Africa

(Image Courtesy: IES Abroad)

9. Sagittarius (Centaur) –> Nov. 22nd - Dec. 21st

Hearty People – Confident – Despise Conventions – Free spirited – Risk Takers – Idealists

A Sagittarian traveler may not wait for anyone to chill around at the beaches. They are ones who are all by their selves, exploring, accepting challenges, taking risks and are free spirited people. They believe in seeking for the “new” and living in the “now”. Untouched destinations are always on their radar and are on a lookout for newer experiences and cultures. Mexico, Mongolia, Iceland, Istanbul, Argentina, Siberia and Chile, South America are some of the options for you to completely immerse yourselves. Because majestic outdoor experiences are what you are on a lookout for and these places would be magical for you! Backpack, stumble upon the untouched and experience the mystical.


(Image Courtesy: NC State Alumni Association)

10. Capricorn (Mountain Goat) –> Dec. 22nd - Jan. 19th

Careful – Independent – Self-Disciplined – Social Charmers

A Capricorn native is the one who’s both old fashioned as well as contemporary. They see vacation as an opportunity to reconnecting with the world. If you are the one, then you might not want to travel alone. Capricorns enjoy activities that keep them busy but also let them indulge in relaxation as well as exploration. Hawaii, Spain, Cairo, Rome and Prague are the options for those who love to have people around and create deeper connections with them. Gifted with a generous amount of patience and ambitions, you as a Capricorn individual make sure not to sort all other matters before the experience begins.


(Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor)

11. Aquarius (Man who Carries Water) –> Jan. 20th - Feb. 18th

Visionaries – Live in the sky on the rainbows – Curious – Disbelievers of permanent feelings

Aquarians always love to stand out from rest of the crowd so be it their friendship choice or a party place or a travel destination, everything needs to be out of the ordinary! They are comfortable traveling alone or with a group that’s spontaneous when it comes to decision making. But don’t be surprised while taking the decision and seeing your Aquarian friend just pack bags and leave all alone. If you are an Aquarian individual, then a romantic destination might be Romania, Brazil, Borneo, Namibia or Mexico, Finland, Japan, and Tokyo. You are the independent one and the one who is the unique from other signs. Each Aquarian traveler has fixed preferences, and none can be generalized like in the case of other signs.


(Image Courtesy: CNNMoney)

12. Pisces (Fish) –> Feb. 19th - March 20th

Always in a move – Responsible – Spiritual – Emotional – Value Money – Dreamers

Being highly sensitive and influenced by the surroundings, Pisceans choose a destination that’s tranquil as well as restorative. But the water baby may get restless too after some time, so picking up on adventurous activities should also be on their options list. Therefore to fulfill your escaping tendencies, a place that’s far and dreamy gets to be a perfect choice. Fiji, Sydney, Santorini, Mauritius, Bali, Maldives, Casablanca can all be explored without any strict schedules and with an itinerary of daydreaming.


(Image Courtesy: Morocco On The Move)

So, just look to the stars for planning your next vacation perfectly! And please note, recommendations about all the signs are in a general notion as there are several other contributing factors for determining individual personalities and their decision. So just pick one and explore the opportunities!

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