Belief in Astrology: is it a boon or bane!

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Belief in Astrology: is it a boon or bane!

This is a very delicate topic and the views shared here are solely my opinion and not an intention to be detrimental to the livelihood of the astrologers.

Astrology is considered to be a science and like any other science its reliability depends upon the accuracy of the predictions made by the astrologer. The precision or accuracy depends upon the correctness of the time of birth recorded and the skills and expertise of the practitioner.

Nowadays many people have started learning this science and are making predictions. But the accuracy of the predictions largely depends upon the depth of knowledge gained and the art of analyzing the planetary positions precisely.

Usually, people are interested to know what their zodiac signs have to tell about their behavioral traits and their future prospects in life.

If the astrologer predicts an unfavourable future we should not become sad and depressed. We should not give up hope. Since astrologers also suggest measures and remedies that guide us to take steps to overcome the hurdles or to strengthen us to change the future to an extent if not fully avert the unfavourable situation.

So whatever the astrologer predicts needs not be the determining factor. It need not be the final decision. Everything in life is bound to change both good and bad times. Nothing is permanent and change is the rule of the Universe and it is inevitable.

Astrology becomes a bane or curse when we completely depend on these forecasts or predictions and we don't take any initiative or steps to overcome the hurdles in our life. It is a fact that the Universe responds to our thoughts and what we think is what we become.

Thus astrology can be taken as a guide when we are in a confused state of mind to clear our doubts and not the final determining factor.

Nowadays marriages are made based on matching horoscopes. In this process many good opportunities or prospects are dropped due to the predictions of the astrologer. In fact the predictions of one astrologer differs from the other.

Another thing is not all matched horoscopes end in happy married life. If that were to be the case then there would not be so many instances of divorce or separation in marriages.

Maybe matching the horoscope of the would be mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would be more wise, what do you say.

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