What is the relationship between education and culture?

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What is the relationship between education and culture?

Both culture and education impact each other significantly.

When we talk about social culture, we combine the beliefs, customs, religions and arts existent in the society. Countries like the USA have large societies that include multiple cultures. A homogeneous society indicates a stable form of culture.

Those cultures that prioritize education above all other factors have been found to be highly developed as is evident in the advanced nations in the world including countries like North America, Japan, and the European continent. On the other hand, education may not hold a significant position amidst some other cultures particularly prevalent in the lesser developed economies.

A practical example here could be a society facing water scarcity which could be a result of either man-made or natural calamities such as drought or famine and so on.In such a situation if a person comes up with innovative ideas on building water filters or certain water storage facilities, the society may see the improvement of quantity and quality of water supply and thus solve the problem in question.

This is possible if they are open for applying such knowledge as provided by the innovator. However, conservative cultures may not welcome such ideas and may stick to their own set of superstitious beliefs. This will certainly not solve but aggravate the water crisis issue. Such cultures have to change their belief system in order to accept a new set of beliefs based on the concept of education.

So education and culture share a close relationship which must be balanced in order to not lose one’s cultural values while simultaneously not ignoring the bare facts as well.

May be

Culture preaches part of education and if the impact is adverse it may affect children and their learning. But i also believe that education may achieve the fundamental values only when we do away with cultural- centrism. Thus, as every coin has two sides I think culture and education may or may not impact each-other. Depending upon the consequences and circumstances. 

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