What is an Ideal Culture?

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What is an Ideal Culture?

14-year-old Adarsh is a religious kid who visits the temple every week with his parents. He has been taught moral values by his parents. In his family, lying and cheating are considered immoral. Adarsh has lived up to his parents' expectations being and honest and dutiful son who does his homework on time and obeys his parents. He is trying to be the ideal son.

One fine day, the honest son forgets his homework and lies to his teacher that he left his work at home. The teacher excuses him and asks him to submit it by the next day. Adarsh manages to complete his homework by the next day and gladly submits it the next day. This can be said to be a white lie which Adarsh had to tell his teacher without hurting her sentiments while at the same time meeting her expectations.

Now, if you ask Adarsh his views on honesty , he would still be against it while sticking to his ideals about culture despite this small action he had performed once. This is an example of what we can call the ideal culture. Which talks about the values, norms and beliefs that the society would ideally want to achieve. On the other hand the fact that Adarsh had to lie to his teacher can be considered a part of real culture which is actually implemented or followed by the society.

The ideal culture thus remains a question in society as far as its implementation is concerned as per what is seen and experienced  in our daily lives.

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